Eye & Neck Intense Lift


Infused with
Certified Organic Botanical Extracts

A light, non-fragrant moisturizing and nourishing cream that softens the appearance of fine lines and contains a very beneficial blend of natural ingredients.

In the human body, a well-oiled machine, Hyaluronic Acid is that oil. This slippery substance lubricates the joints, protects delicate tissues in the eyes and helps the skin to stretch and bend. It can also retain almost 100 times its weight in water making it a superb skin moisturizer.

The Hippophae Oil contains a “bio-active soothing skin complex” used for many centuries in Siberia to help stimulate the growth of skin cells. Also, Hippophae Oil helps to prevent wrinkles from forming. Vitamins A,E,F provide added protection to the delicate area around the eye. Also contains Safflower Oil, Squalane, Shea Butter, Allantoin, DL-Panthenol, Whole Leaf Aloe, Yeast Extract and Phospholipids.

Recommended Use: Using fingertips, apply a small amount onto cleansed area around the eyes, neck, and decollete in the morning before makeup application and in the evening.

Size: 1.35oz (38.4g)

Ingredients: Available upon request