Soy Doctor® Retexturizing Soy Polisher


A multi-tasking easy-to-use scrub designed to offer micro-dermabrasion comparable results.

Formulated with our patented Soy Doctor® natural proprietary blend of bio-active Isoflavones, Antioxidants, Lipids, and Saponins working to protect and build skin resilience. The fine granules work to manually ensure thorough skin polishing.

Alpha-Hydroxy and Beta-Hydroxy Acids (Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic) offer a secondary level of exfoliation to loosen and eliminate excess dead skin cells, sebum, and debris.

Polisher unclogs and minimizes pores, eliminates blackheads and leaves skin looking healthy, smooth, soft and flawless.

Recommended Use: Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and combine with some water. Gently massage and exfoliate the skin avoiding the eye area.