Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 15

UltraLightMoisturescreenMistSPF-15An advanced formula that provides sheer, oil-free sun protection and moisturization in one easy-to- usespray-on mist. The newly designed multi-directional spray bottle insures an even application every time, making it convenient for everyone to use. The unique blend of vitamins and botanicals protects, moisturizes and soothes, while improving overall skin texture.
Aloe Vera – contains effective anti-irritant and wound-healing components that help maintain skin’s moisture balance. It also provides a soothing and cooling sensation to the skin.
Skin maturation is slowed, while cell tissue regeneration booms, thanks to the use of hippophae oil (sea buckthorn), a powerful antioxidant.
Vitamins A and E act as remedies to rough, dry skin, while protecting from sun damage, redness, swelling, and wrinkling.
To Use: Evenly apply over entire body about 25 minutes prior to sun exposure. To avoid eye area, spray onto hands first, and then apply to face. Lightly smooth into skin. For maximum protection, reapply after swimming, towel-drying or excessive perspiration. Apply hourly when exposed to direct sunlight.

Size: 8 oz