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Re:  Nature Pure Labs Nominated Product of the Year by International Royal Academy of the United Nations!


President and CEO of the Royal Academy of the United Nations, Hr. Dr. Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky will be awarding Victoria Markman, President of Nature Pure Labs with an honorary diploma, acknowledging Nature Pure Labs as winner of the world’s best in natural skin care.

Nature Pure Labs was especially recognized for their Black Currant Collection, the first and only to impact overall health while battling aging by means of skin care. The Black Currant Collection, enriched with the highest concentration of Resveratrol, an extract derived from the skin of red grapes known to improve health and increase longevity, in the treatment is equivalent to 20 glasses of red wine a day.

The board members of the Royal Academy were impressed with the company’s history of breakthroughs in anti-aging and the sincere attention to targeting their customer’s health from the outside-in, formulating “healthy” skin, body and hair products. Nature Pure Labs patented Soy Beauty® and Soy Doctor® collections are another example of their treatments that work to promote balance within the body to reflect a healthy and age resisting result on the skin.


More on the Black Currant Collection

The Black Currant Collection consists of the Creamy Cleanser, Anti-Aging Instant Energizer, C Serum, Day Renaissance and Night Renaissance. The collection is comprised of the highest concentrations of all natural and organic active ingredients to invigorate skin radiance and vitality.


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