LipoMelt® Anti-Cellulite Treatment Protocol

Treatment Time 50-70 Minutes

Lipomelt Anti-Cellulite Treatment Protocol  – PDF


• These are the contraindications for the exfoliation process:

• Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis

• Open lesions or rash

• Recently shaven or waxen skin

• Sunburn

• Varicose veins (therapist will go lightly on this area)

Note: Treatment continues to work and reactivate throughout the day and intensifies during warm environments or increased physical activity. Advise the client to avoid using a sauna orsteam for up to 48 hours after treatment.


• Ask questions regarding specific needs for the session en route to and/or in the treatment room

• Explain procedure for getting on the table and how to drape/cover themselves

• Leave the room so guest can get on table

• Instruct the guest to undress and lie face down on the table

• After about 30 seconds, knock on the door and ask if the client is ready

• Check to see if client is positioned properly on the table

• Begin by explaining the procedure


Step 1

Put your gloves on. Apply a small amount of the LipoMelt® Grapefruit Hippophae Body Polisher to dry skin using circular massage motion.
Continue to massage until product disappears and becomes dry granules. Brush dry granules off with dry towel.

Step 2

Apply as necessary the Golden Body Oil and perform a stimulating massage to the areas being treated. Massage will improve circulation and help to relax the client. This product provides excellent workability for lymphatic drainage.

Step 3

A. Tear off appropriate amount of the LipoMelt® Anti-Cellulite Mustard Heating Patches containing mustard seed powder and fir trea oil, for areas being treated. Shake horizontally to evenly distribute powder throughout patch.

B. Either squeeze a half a lemon or dissolve a crushed vitamin C tablet into warm water. Submerge entire patch in the water until the mustard powder in the patch squares turns into a paste.

C. Apply skin liner  sheets and patches right over to targeted area and press firmly onto skin. Cover treated area with a blanket or dry towel to create thermal reaction.
(Make sure to tuck the blanket under the body to fully insulate the area). 

D. Leave patches in place insulated for 10-20 minutes maximum in most cases to avoid any adverse reaction to the skin depending on client skin. Heating sensation will occur. For more sensitive skin types the heating may be too intense in those cases keep the patches on until the client on a scale of 1-10 heating intensity reaches a level between 8-9. It is absolutely critical to communicate with your client about their sensitivities. 

Step 4

Perform upper body massage with Golden Body Oil while LipoMelt® Anti-Cellulite Mustard Heating Patches are treating the skin. Skin will benefit from its hydrating, softening and aromatic properties.

Step 5

Remove the patches; slowly massage the targeted area to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. At this point you may use any available massaging device or continue with manual massage.

Step 6

Apply a generous amount of the LipoMelt® Self-Heating Contouring Cream to clean skin and massage in a circular motion. Continue with massage until product is absorbed. Massage for an additional 5-10 minutes.

Step 7

Apply a small amount of the Moisture C Recovery Complex to treated area over the LipoMelt® Self-Heating Contouring Cream which will boost the heating effect. The Moisture C Recovery Complex is a wonderful moisturizer for both face and body in addition to its application in the anti-cellulite treatment.


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