The Rare Omega 7

Hippophae berries, a gift from Mother Nature, also known as sea buckthorn are nature’s exclusive supplier of the  rare Omega-7 fatty acid with powerful anti-aging abilities among many digestive and
urinary tract health benefits.

Hippophae berries are also most densely concentrated with other antioxidants and substances supplying skin with Vitamin C,Vitamin AVitamin EVitamin KFolic AcidCarotenoidsOmega-9Omega-6Omega-3,Quinic AcidMalic Acid, and Flavonoids.

Studies have shown an impeccable therapeutic ability of these small orange berries to repair damaged DNA. It enhances and enables the skin barrier to protect itself from environmental toxins.

Hippophae berries primarily in the form of an oil contain a “bioactive skin soothing complex” used for many centuries in Siberia to help stimulate the growth of skin cells that work to slow skin degradation to prevent wrinkles from forming, diminish inflammation and improve skin elasticity.

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