What you should know about staying hydrated and caffeine!

Not only do you not eminate the best most positive energy when you are tired, but your skin looks dull and lifeless.

Remember to drink water throughout the day.

Just some addition interesting information…drinking coffee is dehydrating when taken in orally, but caffeine has many benefits when applied topically.

In the battle against cellulite, caffeine applied topically has remarkable abilities and effects on the effected areas.

For the coffee lovers, a large consumption of caffeine has adverse effects on your health so try to stick to only one glass of coffee a day and keep lots water near by to balance the dehydration and stay hydrated and naturally energized.

To learn more about the anti-cellulite treatment with caffeine and a step by step protocol visit http://www.naturepure.com/2012/03/lipomelt%c2%ae-anti-cellulite-treatment-protocol/.

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