Green Tea Super Antioxidant Rejuvenation Facial Treatment

Green Tea Super Antioxidant Rejuvenation – PDF Format

(Approximate Time: 60 Minutes)

Forget weary dull skin!

  • Experience a stimulating and super nourishing skin pampering that will leave your skin radiant.
  • With every step of the treatment your skin is infused with high concentrations of renewing antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals for increased elasticity and a brighter skin complexion.
  • A facial treatment that is not only beneficial for your skin but also for your entire well-being.
  1. Cleanse. Black Currant Creamy Cleanser. In hands combine a dime to a nickel size of cleanser with water.
  2. Exfoliate. Dead Sea Salt Crystal Peel. Pump out 2 full pumps and massage in circular motion over jawline and entire face until
    gel connects with dead skin cells and debris rolls off.
  3. Tone. Vivatone Lotion. Apply over a gauze or cotton pad and go over entire face and neck.
  4. Intense Ampoule Therapy. Green Tea Skin Refining Ampoule. Depending on your preference you can use ½ to
    ⅓ of an ampoule and break a Q-tip in half to use it as a plug or use a finger cot to cover and insulate the ampoule opening to keep it fresh.
  5. High Frequency. Over the ampoule go over with high frequency wand for its stimulating, calming and germicidal benefits.
  6. Blood Circulation and Elasticity Improving Stimulating Massage. Hippophae Massage Cream. Apply as necessary to perform a full facial, neck and décolleté massage. Note: You have the option if preferred to add a few drops of aroma therapy essential oil to your palms to mix with the massage cream.
  7. Masque Therapy. Pepto-Collagen Firming Masque. Apply with a fan brush to make sure face is fully covered in a thin translucent
  8. Relaxing Hand Massage. Hippophae Baby Cream. Massage baby cream all over arms, shoulders and hands to leave skin feeling baby soft.
  9. Masque Removal. Remove masque with a luke-warm moist towel.
  10. Tone. Vivatone Lotion. From a spray bottle or vaporizer machine, spray tonic over the clients head making sure tonic reaches entire face, neck and décolleté.
  11. Eye Treatment. Bright Eye Gel-Cream. Apply eye treatment as necessary under and around the entire eye area in a light tapping
  12. Antioxidant Cocktail. Moisture C Recovery Complex. Apply a dime size amount to face and neck.
  13. Longevity Increasing Therapy. Black Currant Night Renaissance. Pump one full of complex to cover entire treated area.
  14. Protection and Treatment Complex. Lift Perfection + SPF 20. For an ultimate lift apply to neck and face to get the peptide and antioxidant rich action, while stay protected for harmful UV exposure.