Heavenly Chocolate Paradise Escape Facial

Heavenly Chocolate Paradise Escape Facial

Indulge in the super antioxidant luxurious treatment infusing skin with high concentrations of 100% pure dark cacao extract, strawberries, botanical fruit blends and deep hydrating and nourishing action of every step in the treatment to leave skin vibrant and with an absolutely charming glow. Only thing missing is champagne, cheers!

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  1. Cleanse. Apply dime size amount Hippophae Cleansing Milk to moistened skin to cleanse skin of any impurities.
  2. Exfoliation. Apply a nickel size amount of the Tangerine Creamy Sugar Scrub on dry skin. Gently massage in circular motion on face and neck for 2-3 minutes. Enriching with abundance of vitamins and hydrators while removing dull and lifeless dead skin.
  3. Steam followed by extraction if necessary.
  4. Tone. Apply the Alcohol Free Freshener in a light tapping motion over entire face and neck to refresh and balance the pH of the skin, while removing any remaining impurities.
  5. Masque Therapy I. Apply a thin coat of the Strawberry-Kiwi Gel Masque and leave on for 6-10 minutes. In the meantime massage the arms, shoulders, neck and scalp. Remove masque with a hot towel.
  6. Relaxing Massage. Apply Chocolate Paradise Massage Cream and begin 12-15 minutes stimulating anti-aging massage. Pure 100% Cocoa treats skin with a powerful antioxidant. Remove massage cream with a warm towel.
  7. Tone. Apply the Vivatone Lotion in a light tapping motion over entire face and neck, enriching skin with herbs and toning the skin.
  8. Eye Treatment I. Apply a small amount of the Azulene Firming Eye Gel around the eyes to tighten and firm.
  9. Vitamin C-Dose. Apply ½ a dime size amount of Moisture C Recovery Complex on entire face and neck until it absorbs.
  10. Masque Therapy II. Apply the Chocolate Paradise Nourishing Masque on entire face for 10-15 minutes.
  11. Aroma Therapy. Massage décolleté, shoulders, arms, hands with the stress relieving aromatic Golden Body Oil. Don’t forget the scalp!
  12. Masque Removal & Tone. Remove masque with a hot towel and pat skin with Alcohol Free Freshener.
  13. Eye Treatment II. Apply a pea size small amount of the Azulene Firming Eye Gel around the eyes in a gentle tapping motion including on the upper eye lids.
  14. Treatment Complex. Apply Black Currant Day Renaissance for longevity increasing and lifting benefits of resveratrol and peptides.
  15. SPF Protection. Apply Soy Doctor® Ultra-Light Moisture Screen SPF 30 as a last step for day time facials.

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Treatment Package Includes:

  • Hippophae Cleansing Milk 8oz
  • Vivatone Lotion 8oz
  • Tangerine Creamy Sugar Scrub 16oz
  • Black Currant Day Renaissance 4.3oz
  • Strawberry Kiwi Gel Masque 4oz
  • Alcohol Free Freshener 8oz
  • Chocolate Paradise Massage Cream 16oz
  • Soy Doctor Moisturescreen SPF 30 4.3oz
  • Chocolate Paradise Masque 16oz
  • Azulene Firming Eye Gel 0.6oz – 2
  • Moisture C Recovery Complex 4.0oz

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