Nature Pure Labs has the best products I have ever used. I sell them in my store and I couldn’t be happier with the results and the response from ALL of my customers. So grateful for you guys-thank you for providing such an amazing product and such caring service. ♥
Becky Mashuta
Becca Rose Natural Body Care in Mystic, CT
I have been using this fabulous product line in my spa since 2010. My clients are always amazed at how renewed there skin feels after each facial. I’m confident using these products knowing how clean, safe and effective they are. Victoria is a pleasure to work with. She is always pleasant, caring and helpful. Thank you.
Becky Hall
Derma Renew Spa in Rochester, NY
At Dyanna Spa, we use Nature Pure on all our clients that come in for facial/body treatments. The results are astonishing. Not only do we use it on our clients but we personally use the products ourselves. They have a product for any skin type and any skin problem that one may have.
Irina Gordon
Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY
I just wanted to thank you once again for helping me at the show in Orlando! The products have definitely worked I am so glad I bought them!! Everyone compliments me on my face now! I am in love with the products and I’ve even recommended the company to some friends! Once again thank you so much for your help in choosing my products and I’m so happy with how clean and clear my face looked for prom! 🙂 I just still cannot get over how well the products work!! They are life changers for sure! Thank you!!
Brooke Allen
Orlando, FL
I have been using Nature Pure products for over 14 years and I can’t live without it. I absolutely trust this company and everything they stand for because in all the years everything that they promise the products to do, they really do, it really works, plus my clients love it. A favorite for me, one of the company’s original products, is the Hippophae Ceramide Cream, it’s my #1. Thank you Nature Pure for keeping me looking young!
Marina Solomon
Goldilocks Salon & Day Spa in Las Vegas, NV
I have been a loyal customer since my early teen years, and wanted to let you know your product line is great!
Mariya Eliachova
Brooklyn, NY
Nature Pure products are really amazing. They are not only for healthier skin but also for healthy hair. When used them on my hair during a time when it was very damaged and thinning they have helped restore my shine and volume. I would recommend Nature Pure to anyone at any age!
Bella Harriott
San Diego, CA
I just began using Nature Pure products and I love the way they work on my skin. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and these products help to soothe and calm the redness and dryness I usually get from the prescription products I use. Thanks for creating such a wonderful line!
Melissa Maiello
Deer Park, NY
It’s a great product!!! Especially for men! And the price is just right!!!
Leonard Vertsman
Alpine, NJ
The 2009 CEW Beauty Awards. Nature Pure Labs Black Currant Anti-Aging Instant Energizer – This is a brand I never heard of, and if this cleanser is any indication of how well the products work, I can’t wait to check out even more from them. The cleanser foams up as it is clearing out the toxins from the skin and it feels insanely wonderful. And I only used it for about 30 seconds on my hand. I cannot wait to give this a full on try.
Teri Cosenzi, Editor in Chief
Beautiful Makeup Search
Nature Pure Labs,

I’m immensely grateful for the generous gift basket of luxurious beauty products you gave me! I absolutely adore the Strawberry Kiwi Gel Masque! Your basket of goodies is sure to keep me looking and feeling beautiful throughout my year as Miss Brooklyn!

Kind regards, Keelie Sheridan
Miss Brooklyn 2009
Dear Nature Pure Labs,

Your products are remarkable. A few years ago I had battled with adult acne. It was very hard to deal with especially since I did not have skin issues growing up through my teen years. I went to see a dermatologist and finally got the acne under control, but it was very harsh and drying to my skin. My skin seemed to be clearing up so I figured I could switch to store purchased products. I tried all different products and the breakouts returned. Frustrated with the results, I returned to the dermatologist recommended products; although I knew that I preferred a more natural treatment rather than permanently be on the medicated products.A few months ago I attended a Pennsylvania Beauty Show where my friend and I came across Nature Pure Labs booth. I was very apprehensive about trying another new product line again, but I trusted Nature Pure Labs and decided to give it a try. Once I got started and into a routine it was unbelievable. I love the products that were uniquely selected for me.

My skin feels so smooth and blemish free. I can’t say enough about the experience I had with your products and your kind and helpful staff. I highly recommend your products to anyone who is looking for a guaranteed life changing experience.

Sincerely, Andrea Hess
Destinations Day Spa in Leola, PA
Dear Nature Pure Labs,

I started having many skin problems since I was 11 years old. I had oily, blemished skin with black heads & redness. Also, I had limp & weak hair.When I migrated to Los Angeles almost 14 years ago I started looking for products which can improve & help me feel & look better. I used many products such as Murad, Proactive Solutions, Lancôme, Derma Doctor & many more. In addition, I was seen by many dermatologists. All these products, they didn’t give me significant results, they ultimately dried & irritated my skin.

3 months ago I finally found the product which after several days gave me much improvements & hope that I can look much better. This is unique product & 100% pure with high concentrate soy & sea buckthorn.

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful products for the skin. My skin has never been so healthy and clear. My expression lines are gradually fading away; it has even helped diminish scars I have had for a long time. I can’t wait to share this product with my family and friends. Food for the skin, how great is that!

Thanks again.

Your customer forever, Irina Lozanskaya
Los Angeles, CA
Take Note: Good Stuff!

I’m excited about Nature Pure because this brand uses natural ingredients which we all know is best for our delicate skin.I tested the Acne Treatment Serum. I don’t have terrible eruptions of acne any more but the stray pimple now and then is enough to drive me to the medicine cabinet for my little tool that helps pick away at pimples and blackheads. I also have a 10X magnifying mirror which provides hours of fun. Instead of treating my skin like an archaeological dig, I can now dab a little of this serum on and feel confident that my pimple will gently fade away without scabs or scars. I know, its so embarrassing to be this age and still getting zits! Arghh.

This product is in a glass bottle with a pump, you only need a tiny bit to cover a pimple or oily patch of skin. I like it much more than harsher products you find at the drugstore. This serum is gentle but gets the job done without over -drying the skin. Where was this during my acne riddled teenage years? It has a faint medicinal smell that is not bad at all, it absorbs quickly without being sticky. Using this product will mostly likely rid you of a pimple within a few days. I use it on my nose because I get pesky blackheads. I would love to use more products from this line in the future.

Cindy Bokma
Hello Dollface! in CA
Alissa’s Opinion: I love exfoliation. I use a scrub on some part of my body every single day, so I’ve used quite a few on the market. This cleanser is the best I’ve tried for the face. It contains no fragrances or dyes, so the luxurious feeling comes solely from the texture. The beads are extremely fine, so there is none of the scratchiness that some exfoliating cleansers tend to have. After using this scrub every 3 days for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin was clearer and softer than usual. This is one bottle I will definitely keep in my shower.
Alissa, Reviewer
Delush Beauty