Seasonal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Autumn to Winter Seasonal Skin Rejuvenation (Click here for pdf)
Treatment Time Options (25-55 minutes)

After the summer months, skin is always in need of some TLC typically because of excess sun exposure. This fast-acting seasonal harvest treatment brightens, smooths, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. After just one treatment, skin looks healthier, younger and firmer.

1. Botanical Purifying Cleanse. Massage a dime size amount of the Black Currant Creamy Cleanser over the skin, manipulating skin in upward medium pressure circular movements. Remove with wet sponges. Repeat cleanse, this time on moistened skin, massaging with firmer pressure. Remove product with a warm towel and pat dry the skin.

2. Complexion Brightening Exfoliation I. Apply Pumpkin Enzyme Brightening Peel with a brush over the face, neck and décolleté. Set a timer for 1-3 minutes. You may use a fan over the treated area. Remove with a cold wet towel.

3. Lifting & Exfoliation II Masque Therapy I. Apply a quarter size amount of the Duo-Phase Enzyme Peeling Masque to the entire treated area. Steam is optional. Leave the masque on for 5-10 minutes depending on the appointment length time. Massage may be performed over the masque during this duration of time. Remove with a warm wet towel.

4. Extraction. If necessary. Purge skin of any skin impurities or pore plugs, blackheads will slide right out following steps 1-3.

5. Tonic/Freshener I. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist several inches away from the skin over the entire treatment area.

6. Antioxidant Infusion Masque Therapy II. Apply evenly a quarter size amount of the Pomodoro Dual Action Masque to the skin with your fingertips. Leave on for 6-12 minutes. Massage gently upward to buff the skin with the jojoba and tomato seeds, then proceed to remove everything with a cool wet towel.

7. Tonic/Freshener II. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist several inches away from the face over the entire treatment area.

8. Stem Cell Eye Lift. Gently tap the Stem Cell Eye Complex on the surrounding eye area to firm, moisturize and repair skin cells.

9. Hydration Restore. Apply HydraVita Skin Restoring Gel for enhanced moisture and repair on the entire face and neck area.

10. Vitamin D Dose + Peptide Lift. Apply a pump full of the Advanced Repair Complex as the next layer for an ultimate sun-free vitamin D and hippophae berries nourishment, plus the lifting action of peptides.

11. Apply Sun Protection Post Daytime Treatments. Using a pea size amount of product first spread it in the fingertips and then start from the neck up to the forehead, apply the Soy Doctor® Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 30 massaging it into the skin until it is no longer visible.

For maximized results repeat treatment every 7-14 days.


Click here for the recommended client home care system guide.

Stem Cells Youthful Tissue Rejuvenator

Stem Cells Youthful Tissue Rejuvenator Front with RoseInfused with certified organic botanical extracts.

Revamp and reeducate skin cells in no time to repair themselves and behave as they did when skin was healthier and younger.

Superior complex of Alpine Rose Stem Cells and 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acids, dramatically improves cellular metabolism which facilitates the repair process of damaged areas and stimulates new tissue production.

Formula enables deep dermal direct penetration of extra-potent anti-aging concentrations of Soy Isoflavones, Hippophae Berries (Sea Buckthorn), Butcher’s Broom, boosts blood circulation, advanced Hileogaurd 365, naturally guards against UV, Vitamins A, E, and C and other Organic Botanical Extracts.

Recommended Use: On cleansed and toned skin with fingertips, gently apply complex with circular upward motions daily.

Net Wt 1.75 oz

Pomodoro Lycopene – Diosgenin (Tomato-Wild Yam) Trio

Tomato Pomodoro TrioAnti-Aging Super Power of Tomatoes!

  • Wild Yam Diosgenin & Tomato Lycopene Treatment battles with Menopause-Related Skin Changes
  • Stimulates Skin Cell Regeneration & Effectively Inhibits Hyperpigmentation
  • Extra-Potent Super Antioxidant Action
  • Tomato derived lycopene & ellagic acid actively repair DNA damage
  • Intensively Renews, Lifts and Replenishes Aged Skin
  • Visibly improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • 100% FREE OF TOXINS: No Parabens, Petrolatum, mineral oil or artificial fragrance and color.


  1. Diopin™ Wrinkle Diffusing Serum
  2. Age Antidote Complex
  3. Pomodoro Dual-Action Masque

Pumpkin Enzyme Brightening Peel

pumpkin-peel-new-releaseInfused with Certified Organic Botanicals

Intensely active professional strength, cell regenerating, anti-aging enzymatic exfoliant, boosts skin resilience, renewal and evens complexion. The fast acting results of organically derived pumpkin enzymes, brightening alpha hydroxy fruit acids and a rich blend of other age resisting antioxidants and vitamins, leaves skin looking healthy, youthful and silky smooth.

For Professional Use Only: Apply a thin even layer on clean dry skin avoiding the eye area. Leave on skin for 1-3 minutes maximum. Remove with cool water. Balance pH with skin appropriate toner or freshener. Must use SPF 20 or higher if exposed to the sun.

Key Ingredients: Pumpkin Puree, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Cinnamon, Papaya, Rosemary, and Horse Chestnut.

Environmentally friendly and animal cruelty, gluten and vegan FREE.

Problem Skin Peel with Salicylic Acid

Problem Skin Peel with Salicylic Acid WBChemical Peel 35% for Professional Use

An ideal professional peel for acne, problem and hyperpigmented skin working to unclog and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, even skin tone and treat sun damaged skin. Gentle yet super effective peeling gel contains salicylic acid with its excellent anti-inflammatory benefits, glycolic acid excellent for eczema, dermatitis, skin toning and texture, and an additional herbal blend of ginseng and yarrow extract.

Jessner’s Peel

Jessner's Peel WB14% Resorcinol,14% Salicylic Acid,14% Lactic Acid Chemical Peel for Professional Use

An aggressive medium-depth peel formulated to repair the more severe skin damage. A combination of salicylic acid that enhances penetration, lactic acid effectively sloughs away dead cells and exfoliates the skin and resorcinol works to improve the condition of acne.

​​Chemical Peel – Lactic, Glycolic with Arginine

Chemical Peel Glycolic Lactic Arginine WB40% Chemical Peel for Professional Use

The rich herbal blend with the combined skin brightening action of lactic acid, glycolic acid and arginine extract, effectively works to improve the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Designed to improve skin texture, elasticity and complexion.

Lactic Acid Peel – Environmental Damage Repair

LacticAcidPeel37% Chemical Peel – 2.5 pH For Professional Use

On a daily basis the skin endures environment assault including regular sun exposure that contribute to blotchy and uneven tone and signs of aging. This is the first peel ever to incorporate the powerful UV damage repair breakthrough blend, Trinitea™, a combination of 3 super antioxidant teas, Green, White and Rooibos, rich with polyphenols. It inhibits free radical damage especially of the lipids.

The relatively gentle yet super effective action of the peel allows for instant results without the common harsh sensation during treatment typically associated with a peel of 30% or higher. Brighten, repair and regenerate the skin with Lactic Acid, a special Fruit Acid Complex, Panthenol, Arginine, Fig and Red Algae extracts.

Revitalizing Fruit Complex

RevitalizingFruitComplexInfused with Certified Organic Botanicals

Powerful new complex successfully works to clarify, tighten, retexture and revive sun damaged skin. The unique fruit acid complex is concentrated with five botanical extracts: Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon to promote younger looking skin with cell renewing alpha hydroxy acids.

Achieve a healthy complexion with the action of Glycolic, Lactic, Tartaric, Malic, Citric and Ascorbic Acids as they work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Regestril™ stimulates the repair of damaged deeper cellular matrix which is responsible for tissue degradation, hence improving the appearance of stretch marks.

Further enriched with Hippophae Oil, Squalene, Shea Butter, Ceramides, Matrixyl 3000™ Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Beeswax, Allantoin, Vitamin A and Vitamin E supplying skin with lost moisture and antioxidants.

For dry, combination, normal and/or pigmented skin. Effective in treating stretchmarks.

Recommended Use: Apply to the face, neck and other affected areas. Avoid eye area. Must use sun protection during day time if skin is exposed outdoors.

Chemical Peel 40% – Glycolic Acid

Chemical Peel Glycol Acid 40%For Professional Use Only

Reveal smoother younger looking skin with the chemical peeling action of 40% Glycolic Acid. It’s not just your classic glycolic acid peel. Formula is enriched with certified organic botanical extracts including Ginseng, Birch, Yarrow and Green Tea abundant with polyphenols having a high antioxidant content.