Seasonal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Autumn to Winter Seasonal Skin Rejuvenation (Click here for pdf)
Treatment Time Options (25-55 minutes)

After the summer months, skin is always in need of some TLC typically because of excess sun exposure. This fast-acting seasonal harvest treatment brightens, smooths, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. After just one treatment, skin looks healthier, younger and firmer.

1. Botanical Purifying Cleanse. Massage a dime size amount of the Black Currant Creamy Cleanser over the skin, manipulating skin in upward medium pressure circular movements. Remove with wet sponges. Repeat cleanse, this time on moistened skin, massaging with firmer pressure. Remove product with a warm towel and pat dry the skin.

2. Complexion Brightening Exfoliation I. Apply Pumpkin Enzyme Brightening Peel with a brush over the face, neck and décolleté. Set a timer for 1-3 minutes. You may use a fan over the treated area. Remove with a cold wet towel.

3. Lifting & Exfoliation II Masque Therapy I. Apply a quarter size amount of the Duo-Phase Enzyme Peeling Masque to the entire treated area. Steam is optional. Leave the masque on for 5-10 minutes depending on the appointment length time. Massage may be performed over the masque during this duration of time. Remove with a warm wet towel.

4. Extraction. If necessary. Purge skin of any skin impurities or pore plugs, blackheads will slide right out following steps 1-3.

5. Tonic/Freshener I. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist several inches away from the skin over the entire treatment area.

6. Antioxidant Infusion Masque Therapy II. Apply evenly a quarter size amount of the Pomodoro Dual Action Masque to the skin with your fingertips. Leave on for 6-12 minutes. Massage gently upward to buff the skin with the jojoba and tomato seeds, then proceed to remove everything with a cool wet towel.

7. Tonic/Freshener II. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist several inches away from the face over the entire treatment area.

8. Stem Cell Eye Lift. Gently tap the Stem Cell Eye Complex on the surrounding eye area to firm, moisturize and repair skin cells.

9. Hydration Restore. Apply HydraVita Skin Restoring Gel for enhanced moisture and repair on the entire face and neck area.

10. Vitamin D Dose + Peptide Lift. Apply a pump full of the Advanced Repair Complex as the next layer for an ultimate sun-free vitamin D and hippophae berries nourishment, plus the lifting action of peptides.

11. Apply Sun Protection Post Daytime Treatments. Using a pea size amount of product first spread it in the fingertips and then start from the neck up to the forehead, apply the Soy Doctor® Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 30 massaging it into the skin until it is no longer visible.

For maximized results repeat treatment every 7-14 days.


Click here for the recommended client home care system guide.


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March 14, 2017 – 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Instant Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift – Age Reversing Organic Bio-Actives and Micro-Needling presented by Nature Pure Labs

March 13, 2017 – 01:30 PM to 03:30 PM

LipoMelt® Professional Natural Cellulite Treatment – No Need for Equipment or Shower presented by Nature Pure Labs

March 12, 2017 – 01:30 PM to 03:30 PM

Reverse Menopause Skin Aging 100% Naturally with Phyto-Hormones – Visible Results presented by Nature Pure Labs

Classes & Treatment Training

Victoria TabakEducator:
Victoria Tabak, LE NY/NJ, MBA

Educator Bio:
Victoria Tabak, MBA, is a licensed esthetician and president of Nature Pure Labs. She began her involvement in the beauty industry early in life and now has more than 18 years of experience along with a master’s degree in Business. For over a decade, she has taught classes and seminars on emerging breakthroughs in the anti-aging skin care industry and has inspired many.


Reverse and Resist the Effect of Menopause on the Skin 100% Naturally with Plant Derived Phyto-Hormones

As skin matures there develops internal imbalance that strongly impacts and accelerates skin aging. Learn the secret of how to naturally, physically, and effectively reverse the process. Step by step treatment re-educates skin cells back to a more youthful state. Unparalleled effects from age-defying extractions of Lycopene from Tomatoes, Diosgenin from Wild Yams and a powerhouse of other organic bio-actives plus micro-needling enhancement. Hands-on live demonstration!

Instant Non-Surgical Face & Neck Lift with Age Reversing Organic Bio-Actives and Micro-Needling

Learn step by step how to achieve maximum results with micro-needling. Outshine your competition with easy and effective Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), which provides immediate skin tightening and lifting results. Inject skin with highly potent concentrations of stem cells, resveratrol, super antioxidants and 70% pure hyaluronic acid. The CIT Roller stimulates collagen production, fights wrinkles, pigmentation and increases ingredient penetration. Estheticians who stay on the cutting-edge of industry developments do not want to miss this live, hands-on demonstration!

True Breakthrough in Cellulite Treatment – No Equipment or Shower Needed

Learn how to effectively smooth the appearance of cellulite, slim and tone your abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks in just 30 minutes using the highly potent 100 percent natural 5-step professional LipoMelt® Anti-Cellulite Treatment. Ingeniously simple, it requires no wet room. Achieve maximum immediate and visible results while gaining new clients, as the treatment potency continues to be a reminder with its reactivating properties. Do not miss the step-by-step hands-on demonstration!

30 Minutes in Heaven: Express Services for the New Generation

Revolutionize your spa menu one minute at a time and achieve transformational skin results. Most people want to visit a spa, but cannot find the time. The solution is to re-engineer your menu to include 30-minute packages. In today’s fast-paced culture achieving immediate visible results is simply a must! In just 30 minutes, achieve remarkable skin regeneration and stimulation with effective boosting, brightening, facial contouring, and deep moisturizing. Hands-on live demonstration!

Out with the Old, in with New Vibrant Skin: 6 Step Botanical Chemical Peel Treatment

Achieve fast results with virtually no down time. A simple yet innovative chemical peel procedure that every industry forward spa menu must-have, and every skin professional can confidently perform.  The action of chemical peeling is not only to slough away outer skin imperfections. Peeling guides and forces all bio-active ingredients available in the treatment to penetrate directly and immediately into the epidermis. Learn the process that triggers optimal skin regeneration for all client skin tones.

For more information about the different training and workshops available call or email us today!


A Step-by-Step: Cellulite Blasting Treatment

lipomelt-dermascope-articleClick Here for PDF

Cellulite is an ongoing concern for many clients. It is recognizable for its dimply appearance, which is comparable to the skin of an orange peel; severe cellulite can even resemble cottage cheese. Understanding what cellulite is and its primary cause is important in order for skin care professionals to be able to repair affected areas.

Cellulite is localized lipodystrophy, or damaged fat tissue, that tends to appear in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Impaired adipose tissue is, ultimately, non-responsive, causing an interruption in the circulation and flow of the lymph, fat, and fibers that exist in the tissue. The key to treating cellulite is to stimulate and trigger a physical response by boosting blood circulation and fat metabolism.

Enhancing circulation will cause affected areas to become flush and sensitive. The increased flow of lymph and fat will break down the accumulated stagnant fibers and proteins in the fat tissue that cause the uneven texture. By activating a healthy internal fat drainage cycle, professionals will be able to break down cellulite and smooth, tone, and contour the targeted areas.

There are a variety of actives that effectively enable fast and dramatic results when combating cellulite. Mustard seed powder, capsaicin derived from red chili peppers, caffeine, theophylline, and rhodysterol from red algae are among the more aggressive active ingredients. High concentrations of powerful, antioxidant-rich ingredients – including aminophylline, aloe, and hippophae – are critical in neutralizing free radicals, which are destructive to healthy tissue. They also work to break down fat deposits that accumulate under the skin and accelerate the process of tissue regeneration.

Assess the client’s specific needs and areas of concern and determine the affected areas. Explain the procedure, being sure the client understands that the treatment will leave the treated areas flush with some sensitivity due to an increase in blood circulation. After the client consents to the treatment, prepare the bed with a plastic disposable sheet. During the service, the client can either remain in their own undergarment or wear disposable underwear.

Some contraindications for this treatment include skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, open lesions or rashes, recently shaven or waxed skin, sunburns, and severe varicose veins.


Put on a pair of disposable gloves to protect the hands from ingredient overstimulation and apply a nickel size amount of an exfoliating body polisher to any areas of dry skin. The body polisher should contain ingredients such as jojoba seeds, citrus extract, aloe, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. Massage and work the polisher in circular upward and inward motions toward the heart. Continue massaging the skin until all extracts are fully absorbed and only the dry, granular texture remains. With a dry towel, brush the granules off of the skin.

Apply, as necessary, a vitamin-enriched relaxation-promoting, aromatic massage oil and perform petrissage-style massage to the treatment areas. Massage will improve circulation and help the client relax. Oils rich with avocado, squalene, safflower, and vitamins help to nourish the tissue and retain the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Measure approximately a quarter cup of mustard seed powder and mix it with one teaspoon of fir tree oil. Evenly disperse the mixture onto a finely threaded gauze.

Dissolve 500 milligrams of vitamin C into two cups of hot water and place the gauze in one tablespoon of the vitamin C water until the mustard powder has a paste-like consistency.

Apply the gauze over a thin napkin or protective skin liner sheet to the targeted area and press firmly onto the client’s skin. Cover the treated area with a blanket or towel to allow for a thermal reaction and be sure to tuck the blanket under the body to insure insulation of the area. The ingredients will promote deeper adipose tissue heating and stimulation.

Leave the gauze on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the client’s feedback. Ask the client to rate the severity of the treatment’s intensity. When the client reaches a high intensity level, remove the gauze. For more sensitive clients, 10 minutes will be sufficient. The expected sensitivities should be reviewed during the initial consultation. Performing an upper body massage with the body oil will allow the ingredients to take full effect.

Peel away any remains of the protective skin liner or napkin.

Using the fingertips or a dry brush, manipulate the treated area with long upward and inward strokes to facilitate fat and lymph drainage.

Gently apply a dime to nickel-sized amount of a leave-in contouring and stimulating cream to each treated area. Massage the client’s body using light effleurage strokes until the cream has fully absorbed. This product should contain ingredients that will continue to reactivate and combat cellulite, including capsaicin, theophylline, caffeine, aminophylline, and rhodysterol.

Complete the treatment by applying a teardrop amount of a moisturizing vitamin C and antioxidant-rich product to each treated area to boost the efficacy and strength of the treatment. This product will continue to repair the cellulite fat tissue.


Written by Victoria Tabak for Dermascope Magazine.
© All Rights Reserved. Published in October 2016 Issue

Professional Botanical Chemical Peel Procedure

Out with the Old, in with New Vibrant Skin

Approximate Time 30-60 minutes (Depending on how many layers)

Botanical Chemical Peel Treatment Protocol – PDF

Featured on Mainstage at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa in Long Beach

  • Fast results with no down time
  • Innovative and simple
  • Dissolve outer skin imperfections
  • Brighten complexion
  • For all client skin tones
  • Forces bio-active botanicals, antioxidants and herbs to penetrate directly and immediately into the epidermis.
  • Trigger optimal skin regeneration

Step 1. Moisten skin with water. Apply a pea size amount of Brightening Facial Fruit Wash to the treatment area. Massage cleanser throughout the skin. Remove thoroughly with sponges or gauze. Repeat cleanse if necessary. Pat the skin dry.

Step 2. Put eye protection on the client and apply Hippophae Hydration Balm to the corners of the mouth, nose and eyes with a Q-tip.

Step 3. Apply a thin layer of Peel Prep Resurface Booster with a gauze square. Time up to 3 minutes from beginning of application time.

Step 4. Apply first layer of the Alp Rose Stem Cells 40% Glycolic Chemical Peel with a new piece of gauze square. Make sure to apply an even layer to the entire face and neck. Time 3 minutes and provide client with a fan to hold during the duration of the next layers to follow.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 with all additional layers. May go up to 8 layers, adding 1-3 new layers with following treatment sessions. For first session it is recommended to apply 3-4 layers time out 3 minutes between each layer.

Step 6. Apply Post Peel Neutralizing Elixir with a new gauze throughout the entire area being peeled. Area will begin to fizz and leave a mild white foam. Repeat with a new gauze.

Step 7. Remove all remains of peel with a cold wet towel.

Step 8. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist all over the skin.

Step 9. Scoop a pea size amount of Hippophae Hydration Balm and melt in your fingertips. Apply throughout the treated area.

Step 10. Complete the treatment with environmental protecting Soy Doctor® Ultralight Moisturescreen SPF 30.

Repeat Treatment in 2 weeks. For best results a series of 4-6 sessions is recommended.


Victoria Tabak ICES Long Beach 2016 from Dermascope on Vimeo.

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Body Smoothing and Stretchmark Repair Treatment

Body Smoothing and Stretchmark Repair Treatment Model Header

Approximate Time 60-90 Minutes

Body Smoothing and Stretchmark Repair Treatment

  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Repairs stretchmarks
  • Smooths texture and evens skin tone
  • Resists skin aging
  • Promotes healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Detoxifies and purifies skin

Step 1. Prepare the treatment bed with a disposable plastic sheet. Put a pair of disposable gloves on.

Step 2. Apply a nickel size amount of the LipoMelt® Grapefruit Hippophae Body Polisher to dry skin to each treated area at a time implementing a circular massaging motion. Continue to massage until product disappears and becomes dry granules. Sweep the dry granules off with a dry towel.

Step 3. Deeper Level Clarifying Exfoliation. Apply a quarter size amount of Dead Sea Salt Crystal Peel on dry skin throughout entire treatment area and massage in upward small circles. Continue until the dead skin cells and debris are no longer rolling off. Rinse or clean skin off with a warm wet towel making sure all traces of the first two steps is removed.

Step 4. Refreshing and Balancing Tonic. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist throughout the entire body and allow for the tonic to cool and moisturize the skin while balancing the pH.

Step 5. Masque Therapy. Apply the Azulene-Seaweed Masque with a large brush in an even coat. Masque will work to bright skin tone, nourish, soothe and detoxify the skin.

Step 6. Stretchmark Breakdown Serum Therapy. Pump out a dime size amount of the Revitalizing Fruit Complex and apply directly to areas with visible stretch marks. Massage until complex fully absorbs.

Step 7. Apply a quarter size amount of the aromatic, antioxidant rich stress relieving Golden Body Oil and spread it throughout the body, add product as necessary. Perform a variation of stimulating and relaxation promoting massage techniques throughout the areas being treated. Remember to always manipulate the muscles and tissue toward the heart. Massage will improve circulation and help to relax the client. The oil will also promote healthy lymphatic drainage.

Step 8. It is not necessary to remove the oil, and is even recommended to allow for the oil to fully absorb as it will continue to nourish the skin. If there is excessive oil on the body pat the skin with a dry cloth or paper towel to allow the excess absorption. Continue the massage with a dry brush, work in long inward strokes.

Step 9. Apply a dime size amount of the LipoMelt® Self-Heating Contouring Cream to the skin and massage in a circular motion. Note: Do not apply the cream to any sensitive areas as it will cause an uncomfortable heating sensation. Continue to work the cream into the skin with light pressure massage until product has absorbed.

Step 10. Peptide and Resveratrol Firming Action. Work about a quarter size amount of the berrylicious peptide-rich Black Currant Day Renaissance to each individual area being treated. The immense concentration of antioxidants along with the skin elasticity improving properties of the peptides and other extracts will give the body a final nourished, smooth and even glow.

30 Minutes in Heaven Treatment

Transformational Skin Results – Express Service for the New Generation

Approximate Time (30 minutes)

30 Minutes in Heaven Treatment Protocol – PDF

Featured on Mainstage at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa in Philadelphia

  1. Resveratrol Dose I – Cleanse. Mix several pumps of Black Currant Creamy Cleanser with a small amount of water in your hands. Apply and massage skin for 1-3 minutes with mild pressure in a circular motion covering the entire face and neck area.
  2. Exfoliation I. Apply Dead Sea Salt Crystal Peel over entire area being treated. Gently massage gel throughout until the salt crystals and enzymes connect with the dead skin cells. Continue until no further skin is rolling off. Remove remains from skin with moist pads.
  3. Alpine Rose Stem Cells Peel Exfoliation II. Apply 1 thin layer of the Alpine Rose 40% Glycolic Peel with a firm brush to avoid dripping on entire treated area and close to the crowsfeet near the eyes. Leave on for 3-5 minutes fan the face for comfort in the meantime. Remove with a cold moist towel.
  4. Circulation Boosting Masque Therapy. Apply about a nickel size amount of Energizing Cinna-Ginger-Mint Masque for stimulation, brightening, detoxifying and moisturizing; and leave on for 5 minutes. Masque will feel intense cooling and tingling sensation in first few minutes. Massage shoulder and arms in the meantime with the Soy Beauty® Anti-Aging Hand & Body Complex.
    Remove masque with a cool moist towel.
  5. Tonic/Freshener. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist several inches away from the face over the entire area being treated.
  6. Apple Stem Cell Enhanced Eye Treatment. Gently tap the Stem Cells Eye Complex on the surrounding eye area to firm, moisturize and repair skin cells.
  7. Resveratrol Dose II + Super C Brightening & Antioxidant. Apply Black Currant C Serum for enhanced brightening and collagen stimulating effect on the entire face and neck area.
  8. AHA + Peptide Lift. Apply a pump full of the Revitalizing Fruit Complex as the next layer following the serum for a deep nourishing, retexturing and firming effect. Works to repair, brighten and stimulate collagen regeneration.
  9. Deep Hydration & Repair. Take a teardrop amount of the Hippophae Hydration Balm and melt it in your fingertips. Apply it to entire face and neck to facilitate deep hydration, repair and protection from external factors.
  10. Apply Sun Protection Post Daytime Treatments. Start from the neck up to the forehead apply the Soy Doctor® Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 30.


Victoria Tabak Philly ICES Main Stage from Dermascope on Vimeo.

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Dissolve Wrinkles & Reverse Menopausal Skin Changes Treatment

Before & After Reverse Menopause Related Skin Changes with Phyto-Hormones

Approximate Time (45-60 minutes)

  • Re-educating skin cells back to a youthful state.
  • Reversing aging by enabling internal balance through Phyto-hormones
  • Immediate visible results
  • Wrinkle smoothing, anti-aging and health benefiting treatment
  • Increases absorption of wrinkle filler actives by 400%.

Dissolve Wrinkles & Reverse Menopausal Skin Changes Treatment Protocol – PDF

  1. Cleanse. Mix several pumps of Soy Beauty® Cleansing Soy Milk combined with a small amount of water in your hands.
  2. Exfoliation. Apply Alp Rose Stem Cells 40% Glycolic Peel one layer with a fan brush to neck and face. Wait 3-5 minutes.
  3. Tone. Apply several drops of Alcohol Free Freshener on a cotton pad or gauze and wipe face, neck and surrounding eye area.
  4. Optional Masque Therapy. Apply Pomodoro Dual Action Masque for 10-12 minutes. Before removing gently massage with finger tips for a minute than remove with a warm towel.
  5. Serum Therapy I. Apply Diopin™ Wrinkle Diffusing Serum to face, neck, eyes and décolleté.
  6. Pre-Sterilization of Roller. Run the roller through hot water and immerse in Sterilizing Solution in a small glass beaker or shot glass. Use the 0.50mm CIT roller. Between clients immerse roller for 1 minute in boiling hot water and then in sterilizing solution. When not used keep in UV Cabinet.
  7. Micro-Needling. Begin rolling starting from the neck up and down, side to side, and diagonally in each direction approximately 8-10 times over a single area. Micro-needling may be done over the entire face, neck and décolleté area.
  8. Build Needle Rolling Pressure with Each Treatment – DO NOT IMPOSE EXCESSIVE NEEDLE PRESSURE in early stages of treatment.
  9. Post-Sterilization of Roller. After use, run roller through hot water and immerse into Sterilizing Solution. When roller is not in use store in UV cabinet. Change sterilizing solution between clients.
  10. Relieving Calming Complex. Apply Botanicort Complex to micro-needle treated areas.
  11. Serum Therapy II. Apply Soy Beauty® Wrinkle Repair Serum.
  12. Eye Lift Treatment. Apply Soy Beauty® Anti-Wrinkle Eye H-Perfector for an instant wrinkle filling and plumping surrounding eye area.
  13. Treatment & Inner Balancing Complex. Apply Age Antidote Complex to face and neck.

Training Video

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