Lift Perfection SPF 20 Cream/Serum



A highly concentrated non-comedogenic, lightweight, oil-free, and fast absorbing cream combats aging and wrinkles, while simultaneously offering a broad-spectrum sun protection.

 The exclusive peptide complex repairs age related skin damage, and improves elasticity and firmness. The rich in antioxidants botanical blend of Green Tea ExtractCranberryPomegranate and Yarrow Extract soothe, moisturize, protect against environmental damage, and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Dermaxyl™ (Palmitoyl Oligopeptide) combats aging and smoothes wrinkles while enhancing moisture retention.
Rigin™ (Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide) creates a more optimum environment for other active ingredients to help restore the appearance of youthful skin. Titanium Dioxide and Oxybenzone provide long-lasting sun protection.
Recommended Use: After cleansing and toning apply liberally every morning.


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