LipoMelt® Mustard Heating Patches

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Mentioned in Sanskrit writings as early as 5000 years ago, mustard seeds have been known for their powerful therapeutic benefits since ancient times. Used in herbal medicine for their ability to help heal, impart heat and improve blood circulation and lymph drainage in the skin, the Bible calls mustard “the greatest among the herbs.” The name mustard comes from the Latin phrase mustum ardens, or “burning must.” As the seeds were pounded with unfermented grape juice, or must, their pungent qualities and healing properties developed, hence the name “burning.”

To capture the time-tested healing powers of the natural mustard seed, NatPure® has created the unique Anti-Cellulite Mustard Heating Patches. The Anti-Cellulite Mustard Heating Patches are easy to use and offer quick and visible results when used in synergy with the NatPure® Lipomelt Anti-Cellulite Treatment.

Not for use on very sensitive or damaged skin due to psoriasis or eczema. Do not use shortly before or after steam room or sauna.

Recommended Use: 1. Tear off needed size then shake a few seconds in horizontal position to allocate powder evenly into the cells 2. Submerge in warm water for 20 seconds 3. Apply to cellulite problem area, add pressure for a few seconds and cover with a towel 4. Keep on the skin as long as possible but no longer than 25 minutes to avoid a burn
Size: Entire package contains 352 cells, 0.75g of pure and natural mustard powder in each cell

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