Professional Size Hippophae Citrus Hair Repair Masque

A perfect hair repair treatment masque to fortify and renew the hair and scalp with Glycolic Acid. This special formulation has a combined action of a rich complex of VitaminsWheat ProteinsWheat Germ,Hippophae Oil and Collagen.

The masque helps to rebuild the matrix of the hair and scalp surface while adding a lot of body. Leaves your hair silky, smooth and manageable.

To Use: After shampooing, rinse well and apply masque to the scalp and hair. After 4-5 minutes, rinse well, dry and style as usual. For seriously dry hair, you may wish to alternate with Hippophae Hair Restoring Conditioner.

Size: 16.0 oz

Professional Size Hippophae-Ceramide Cream

The only cream in the world that incorporates unique Hippophae Oil (Sea Buckthorn), ceramides and natural botanical extract.

The Hippophae Oil contains a “bio-active soothing skin complex” used for many centuries in Siberia to help stimulate the growth of skin cells.

Hippophae helps to prevent wrinkles from forming and improves skin elasticity. The ceramides replenish the skin with moisturizers which are slowly depleted during the aging process, yet are needed to maintain a youthful appearance.

The Cream also contains natural agents such asSqualane, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Extracts of St. John’s Wort, Ginko Biloba, Calendula, Chamomile.

To Use: Best for skin types from normal to dry. Use twice a day after cleansing.

Size: 16.o oz

Professional Size Duo-Phase Enzyme Peeling Masque

A unique detoxifying, purifying and age defying enzyme masque embraces the sense in a bouquet of fresh and succulent papaya fruit.

Outstanding effectiveness based on double-action of enzymatic exfoliating activity from one hand, and anti-aging peptide power of Marixyl 3000 from otter hand. Green papaya enzymes gently loosen and dissolve dull surface dead cells and impurities.

A natural and powerful alternative to AHA low pH and acidic peels. It delicately digests and exfoliates skin debris and delivers rejuvenating botanical benefits such as increasing healthy circulation, and visibly improving skin tone and texture for a healthy vibrant complexion.

The formula is enhanced with Aloe JuiceVitamin AHyaluronic Acid, natural Chlorophyl and a botanical fragrance.

To Use: Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin over face and neck. Avoid eye area. Allow it to remain 5-10 minutes on the face and 25-30 minutes on the body. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with appropriate Nature Pure Labs moisturizer.

Size: 16.0oz

Professional Size Deep Pore Cleanser w/ Hippophae

A product having no detergent ingredients contains:panthenol (vitamin B5) which penetrates the skin and helps to improve moisture retention capacity, biotin (vitamin H) which helps the skin to process necessary proteins. Retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) – an antioxidant helps to hasten the cellular renewal process and gently help to encourage the removal of older dead cells and natural botanical bitter orange extract. Deep Pore Cleanser removes surface impurities helping soothe and calm troubled skin.

To Use: For combination and sensitive skin types.

Use morning and night to remove make up and surface impurities.

Size: 32.0 oz

Professional Size Deep Cleansing Camphor Masque

A soothing masque containing Natural Clays and Camphor that purge clogged pores and absorbs excess oils. Camphor gives a cooling sensation to the skin and assists in the drying up of pimples and blemishes

This masque contains Kaolin, which is a white clay used externally for its ability to absorb. The masque also contains natural extracts of Witch Hazel, Calendula andComfrey.

To Use: Excellent for problem oily skin.

Size: 16.0 oz

Professional Size Black Currant Day Renaissance

Infused with Certified Organic Botanicals

This lavish treatment visibly restores skin vitality by transforming lackluster dull skin to a resilient and radiantly translucent appearance.

Effectively works to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dramatically refines skin texture with continuous use.

Skin will look and feel smoother with an absolute healthy glow.

Black Currant Day Renaissance is infused with exclusive Resveratrol Extract derived from Grapes-Berries Skin which has superior antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

The complex is further enriched with professional strength cell regenerating

  • Peptides
  • Black Currant Extract
  • Hippophae Oil
  • An abundance of other Vitamins.

To Use: After morning cleansing and toning, apply with fingertips and gently massage into the face, neck, and decollete.

For dry, normal and combination skin types.

Size: 16.0 oz

Professional Size Black Currant Creamy Cleanser

Infused with Certified Organic Botanicals

The gentle creamy Black Currant enriched moisturizing cleanser nourishes and infuses skin with a plethora of antioxidants to improve skin texture and complexion. Shiitake Mushroom Extract promotes younger looking skin by encouraging faster skin cell renewal. An absolute smoothing, calming and rejuvenating skin delight.

For normal and combination skin types.

Recommended Use: Apply cleanser daily to moistened skin. Cleanse skin with gentle circular massaging to remove make up and surface impurities. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with appropriate skin care.

Net Wt 32.0 oz

Professional Size Azulene-Seaweed Masque

Azulene-Seaweed Masque is a nourishing, moisturizing, and whitening masque. It is fast acting luxurious treatment that improves the texture and smoothness of the skin almost immediately. Blended with nature’s most restorative botanicals, this proprietary formula balances moisture levels while boosting cell renewal to keep complexions soft, smooth and radiantly younger looking. A whitening effect is achieved from the infusion of the most potent natural botanicals such as Mulberry and Licorice Extracts.

To Use: Apply masque on thoroughly cleansed skin, avoiding eye area. Allow to absorb for 15-20 minutes while relaxing. Remove with warm moistened towel. Follow with appropriate Nature Pure Labs skin care.

Size: 16oz

Professional Size Azulene Firming Eye Gel

The nourishing and firming gel cools on contact to help soothe and reduce under-eye puffiness. Utilizing the skin plumping benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, a key ingredient helping to maintain moisture levels and restores hydration within the skin, improves volume and elasticity around the eye area, and efficiently helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, while sustaining firmness with the abilities of Matrixyl™ and Palm Oil. A special blend of botanical extracts including Cucumber, Hibiscus, Witch Hazel, Algae, Collagen, providing vital moisture, Azulene, and Allantoin, an ancient therapeutic remedy to calm inflamed skin, works to smooth skin to a suppler and younger looking appearance.

To Use: Using fingertips, apply small amount to area around the eyes.

Size: 16oz