3 Age-Defying Reasons You Want To Self-Massage

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3 Age-Defying Reasons You Want To Self-Massage

Massage is one incredible holistic approach to keeping skin looking young!

Here are 3 Reasons You Want to Massage Your Skin Daily -
  1. Massage increases blood circulation which helps better nourish & oxygenate skin cells.
  2. Massage promotes healthy Collagen & Elastin.
  3. Massage enhances product penetration.

Bonus 🌟 consistent massage helps keep the face sculpted & contoured.

Face oil provides a great medium to massage your face. You get loads of glide to prevent pulling or tugging on the skin.


Watch below massage explained in under 15 seconds & a simple follow along 60 second massage you can do daily.


Best Products for Face Massage -

1. Hippophae Oil, containing pure Canadian grown seabuckthorn oil providing all the rich omegas, antioxidants, and nourishing benefits the seabuckthorn berries have to offer.

2. Best anti-aging option is Luminous Glow CBD Face Oil, it's the perfect choice for long lasting nourishment, moisture, hydration and a head-turning radiance. 

3. The professional choice, Vitality Boosting CBD Massage Balm, providing endless slip, boost to cell longevity, and 1,800mg of pure CBD isolate.

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