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In the evenings our routine is especially important. Our skin spends most of its day on defense, guarding itself against internal & external factors that impact our skin, some of which include stress, as an example of internal, and UV exposure an example of external.

We believe all this skin defense, causes the skin to be more sensitive, reactive, inclined to premature aging, and not so willing to respond to skin care without the proper preparation.

Like in any sport, let’s take football for example, with Super Bowl LV, just around the corner. Offensive efforts are most effective, when you have a defense in strong & clear alignment with the greater goal. Btw, if you’re a very well versed football fan, please don’t read into this too much, the analogy stems from a very amateur perspective of the sport ☺️

Now let’s bring it back to skin care, before we can go on the offense, meaning, proactively treat or correct our skin concerns, or charge after our skin goals, we must first generate a receptive environment for our skin to respond.

For the sake of skin wellness, product effectiveness and in the name of promoting younger looking skin, here are our top 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Night Time Skin Routine!

1. Double Cleanse! What does this even mean? After spending your day out and about, your skin, as your primary protective barrier, acts as a shield to all the external and environmental exposures.

Double cleansing literally means cleansing your skin twice. ☝️1st cleanse, you wash away the day’s collection of debris or impurities.

✌️2nd cleanse, you purify your skin more thoroughly, and allow the herbal anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich botanicals to actually benefit your skin.

2. Night time is the perfect time to incorporate stronger corrective products for concerns like pigmentation, uneven texture, wrinkles or acne.

    • While you rest, your skin’s defense mode is at its all time low, which allows for your skin care products to work more efficiently.
    • Note: This is of course with the condition that you properly prepped your skin and applied your products in the correct order.

: Add an alpha hydroxy acids complex like the Stem Cells Youthful Tissue Rejuvenator with 10% AHA or Revitalizing Fruit Complex with 8% AHA to enhance your night time skin results.

3. Take 60 seconds to massage as part of your night time routine. Best time to massage is with your 2nd cleanser or while applying your serum and moisturizer.

    • Face massage boosts blood circulation which helps oxygenate and nourish your cells. It also naturally promotes collagen and elastin.
    • Plus studies have shown that topical products penetrate better when massaged into the skin.


4. Keep your pillowcase clean and crisp, especially if your skin is oily or breakout prone. Change your pillowcase at least once a week.

  • While sleeping the oils & sweat that excrete from our pores, rub off on to our pillowcase. This can become a culprit for breakouts.


5. Make sure you are laying in bed in a position where your head is at foot level or above. Be aware of this simple sleeping habit. It can be a game changer for you to prevent morning facial swelling and puffy eyes.


If you have more specific questions send us an email to Natpure@naturepure.com, we are happy to help, otherwise have a great night 

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