Benefits of Your Night Time Skin Routine

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Benefits of Your Night Time Skin Routine

It is common knowledge that by going to bed at night without removing your makeup or not properly cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing your skin at the end of a long day, in the morning your skin will not be its healthiest or best version. 

Creating an overnight skincare routine that aligns with the goal and realistic expectations of yourself to stay committed and consistent is essential.

The nighttime skincare routine is an important time to set your skin up to recover from daytime skin damaging exposures overnight. 

Environmental pollutants and UV radiation are just two most common causes of assault on the skin during the day. Stress, hormone fluctuations, and what we eat are several other factors that impact the health and condition of the skin.

At night it is the optimal time for the skin and body to repair and regenerate healthy new cells while you sleep. Your skin has the opportunity to repair the harm, regenerate, and produce new cells when you sleep. A customized nighttime skin routine that caters to your unique skin needs works best and sets you up for healthy youthful skin long-term. It all starts with having rituals and habits in place that include thoroughly washing off all the day's collection of impurities including makeup.

Explore NATPURE holistic formulations that were created to promote wellness from the outside-in, find the serums and creams appropriate for your skin needs to aid in overnight skin renewal. Remember, nighttime is when there is an increase blood supply to the skin, which maximizes cell regeneration.

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