Don’t settle for less than having the skin of your dreams!

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Don’t settle for less than having the skin of your dreams!

Your skin goes through different phases, breakouts, acne, dark spots, dryness, fine lines, loss of elasticity, sagging and what eventually evolves into deeper wrinkles, dull and mature looking skin, but you don’t have to just let it take its course. 

The appearance and wellness of your skin is very much in your hands, its what you do with it, that counts and determines how your skin will age. 

The products you are using at home, their active ingredients and most importantly their transdermal delivery capability, in other words, you need it to penetrate the outer layer of skin to actually impact change on the inside.

The Professional Alp Rose Stem Cell 40% Glycolic Peel is a dream of a designer botanical chemical peel that provides multi-functional benefits. With its holistic therapeutic botanical blend it works to smooth, firm, and brighten skin to leave it radiating with a youthful glow.

Plus, a big time bonus, it enhances penetration, hence efficacy of active ingredients of all other products used in the treatment right after.

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