Don't Let Winter Gloom Stress You Out! 6 Simple Stress Management Tips

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Don't Let Winter Gloom Stress You Out! 6 Simple Stress Management Tips

Holidays and Stress

During the holiday time, there is so much going on, and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming or stressful. What should be the most wonderful time of the year, can become the most chaotic.

It is essential to maintain a birdseye view of any circumstance. Assess each situation or circumstance and put it in perspective.

What may seem like the end of the world at first, when we give ourselves even as little as 10 minutes to recenter, allows us to feel differently, and the initial feelings of stress or frustration somehow just lessen. So next time for your mood, mind, body and skin's sake, give yourself a 10-minute resetter.

A little pamper-me-upper for your skin or body are some ways to elevate yourself above the stress.

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Learn more about how stress affects skin, body, and wellness below.


6 Stress Management Tips

Stress has a powerful effect on the mind and body, but there are effective stress management methods. There are simple, straight­forward ways of achieving inner balance, peace and lowering stress.

1. Laugh. Laughter causes the release of endorphins by the brain, which elevates mood, boosts the immune system, and is great for lowering stress.

2. Exercise. Exercise is another way of releasing tension from the body as well as contributing to improving overall wellness.

3. Talk. Speaking with someone, even a professional if necessary, lessens the impact of stress. It creates a channel of release for the feelings and emotions that accumulate over time consequently from the stress.

4. Sleep. Women have become quite skillful in balancing all the different aspects of their lives, but often it is at the cost of having a sufficient amount of rest. Sleep deficiency puts great strain on the mind and body. The amount of sleep necessary may vary among people, but an American Psychological Association survey showed that, “adults who sleep fewer than eight hours a night are more likely to report symptoms of stress.” Sleeping more is an effective remedy to lower stress.

5. Deep Meditation. Continuous high stress can provoke illness and make the body susceptible to colds, infections, and diseases by activating genes that work to counter stress. Fortunately, research has shown that deep meditation activates gene activity and is able to alter them on a molecular level. Through meditation, genes that promote health and healing are triggered. Meditation has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it has the power to restore cortisol levels in the body. It promotes inner balance and peace while helping the mind and body relax. Meditation is one of the most powerful opponents to offset stress.

6. Probiotics. An unexpected remedy and best known for supporting gastroin­testinal health, when in balance, probiotic “health-friendly bacteria” can elevate mood and help better handle stress. As mentioned earlier, stress leads to internal inflammation, which over time can lead to depression. Probiotics also facilitate a reduction of inflammation in the body by sending signals to the brain that stabilize the necessary output of cortisol. They equip the body to better handle stress and correspo­ndingly improve skin and total well-being.


© Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. Quoted excerpt from Supercharged: Women & Stress published in Skin Inc Magazine in February 2017 written by Victoria Tabak.

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