Has your face been freaking out from wearing the face mask?

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Has your face been freaking out from wearing the face mask?

Are you dealing with the random red flare-ups, breakouts or just the unwanted bothersome skin irritation that just keeps getting worse each time you put on your face mask?

This is what you would call mask-acne also known as Maskne.

Naturally your skin sweats behind the mask, and the pooling of sweat and oil’s sitting on the surface of the skin creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

P.acnes is an opportunistic bacteria that just waits for an opportunity to pass through the pores into the epidermis which then causes the flareups and breakouts.

Plus just the actual friction of the mask rubbing against your face causes further skin irritation and redness.

After suffering with this frustrating skin issue for over a week, & hearing the concerning cries for help from you, our Nature Pure family, through a process of trial & error, we finally developed an ultimate & effective solution.

After completing your skin regimen, finish it with this easy 2 step, over the areas that are in contact either with your facemask or where the face shield sits on your forehead.

Step 1 - Apply a dime size amount of the HydraVita Skin Restoring Gel

Step 2 - Apply a nickel to a quarter-size amount of Detoxifying Mud Masque evenly throughout parts of your skin that will be in direct contact with your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Wait for it to dry, put on your mask, & then you’re good to go.

Click here to see demonstration.

Your skin will be protected with this 2 step barrier, while nourishing, protecting & pulling toxins from your skin.

It’s super easy, but remember, no cheating, you have to do this every time you wear your mask. Guaranteed your skin will thank you for it 💕

Have you had any other changes with your skin since COVID-9? Comment👇 we’d love to help you with a solution.

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