Holy Grail Ingredient for Sensitive or Redness Prone Skin

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Holy Grail Ingredient for Sensitive or Redness Prone Skin

If you are wondering what is the best botanical ingredient to help with sensitive or inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, LISTEN UP!




The delicate yellow flower, is considered part of the sunflower family & is native to mountainous areas of Europe where the climates are moderate.


Arnica is best know for its use in homeopathy, but it has so  much to offer when used in the treatment room & as part of a home care regimen to help with inflammation and other vascular related skin conditions.


Arnica promotes healthy capillary function, which is important when targeting broken or damaged capillaries on the face known as telangiectasia.


Telangiectasis, which are spider vein like micro dilated blood vessels, are transparent through the skin, and are most commonly seen on the cheeks, nose, chin & forehead for someone with rosacea, but can appear anywhere on the body.


Arnica is one of the fastest acting botanical ingredients to calm inflammation.


Inflammation is the immune systems response when triggered. The incredible natural immunomodulatory action of arnica, let’s the body know whether to activate or suppress the immune system intuitively.


Arnica supports cell immunity by helping the body ward-off attacks or imbalances.


Key Skin Benefits of Arnica

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Redness

If you have rosacea, sensitive, irritated, or redness prone skin, this is definitely an ingredient you want in your life and in your regimen.



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