How Estheticians Can Stay Positive and Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

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How Estheticians Can Stay Positive and Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

            Falling on the path of least resistance certainly may be tempting, and even justifiable, to submit to the current circumstances and be defeated. Accepting that these unprecedented times are completely out of our control is essential, but certainly we do still and always have power over one thing, and that is our attitude. This one critical factor is the game changer to what fuels our actions, and one way or another paves way for certain outcomes to manifest.

As estheticians, many would agree that the gap can be quite small between being our clients skin guru to being their shrink. After all, estheticians dedicate themselves to creating a safe space for their clients to step out of their everyday routines, inspiring a shift in state. The ultimate goal is to leave clients looking and feeling uplifted, or at the least, better than they were before they came.


What Now?

There are no clients walking through the door, you may be worried for your business, the stress over how to pay the bills, how to keep your business thriving, or perhaps you had to step into the role of  becoming a homeschooling parent if you have children of school age, and having to figure out how to juggle both. Embrace it, this is how you feel, do not suppress it, give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Once you have faced what is truly unnerving for you, you are now ready to hear that you are not powerless!

Although many estheticians outwardly may be out of work, I boldly urge you to consider this, find the will, create the way. Think outside the box! What can you be doing that will make you excited, while sowing the seeds for present sustainability and future fruition.



            Think of physics, Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion, an object in motion will remain in motion and an object at rest will remain at rest unless it is interrupted by a force. This law of inertia applies quite accurately to our natural tendency to move with the tide. According to inertia, consider the object to be us, the human, or more specifically in our case, the esthetician. For obvious reasons, an esthetician at rest, or inactive, will remain there without self-imposed force because there is a natural resistance to change. Change requires entering a realm of the unknown, maybe learning new skills, becoming extroverted for an introverted person, or a slew of other possibilities.

            An esthetician in motion on the other hand, already has an upper hand to come out on top once the dust settles. This is where we consider the physics definition of momentum, a moving object has a tendency to continue to stay in motion, and it’s exact momentum is calculated by multiplying its weight and speed. What is interesting is that when progressing along a straight path, a large object moving slowly can have exactly the same momentum as a small or light weight object moving fast. Moral of the story, solo esthetician or large spa, the scales are balanced, everyone has an equal and fair chance to grow in every given moment.

            Why is momentum important to every esthetician and business owner? The direction where you are moving, backed by the magnitude of your tenacity or determination, is your momentum. I have slightly modified the original momentum equation, and I invite you, with it in mind, to increase and propel your own momentum that will lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness.


Momentum   =   Mass or Weight of the Object   x   Velocity or Speed


Momentum   =   Persistency   x   Consistency


Generate Happiness

            Being positive does not mean being happy all the time. Happiness is something that stems from gratitude. Short term happiness is only temporarily gratifying, and in the current stressful times of COVID-9, what really counts is developing habits that will lead to long term happiness. It is so easy to get caught up in the failures or all the things that weren’t completed or accomplished at the end of the day, losing sight of the victories. Put down on paper and bring out your gratitude into the universe where you can see it, and be reminded of it. When we focus on all the things we have to be grateful for, more of it enters our lives, and happiness just happens.

As small or big as it may be, get into the practice of writing every evening before going to bed, 1-3 wins, accomplishments, or anything you are proud of from the current day; keep it in a journal so you can refer back to it at a later time; it will be your resource for keeping your perspective in check.


Move Your Body

            Physical activity is required for controlling your mind, body, spirit and attitude. The only way to break the patterns of your thoughts is by interrupting them through movement. Dance, jump, lift, squat, shake, shuffle, shimmy, kick, or swing, just get your body up and moving. Increasing your blood flow and exercising activates the endorphins, happy hormones. This will not only help the body combat the stress response, but subsequently will boost and promote a healthy immune system. Your energized way of being will allow you to effectively choose the attitude you want to maintain throughout the day based on your aspirations and perspective, versus falling victim to the uncontrollable variables.


Maintain Relevancy & Cash Flow

Stay on the minds of your current and potential clients. Reach out to as many people as you can. Offer to connect virtually to offer your personalized skin advice. Engage on social media, if you are not sure how, right now is a great time to learn. Offer your client’s deals on future service vouchers. Suggest to your clients to add something to their home skin regimen during this time since they can not come and see you. A masque or exfoliant are popular home additions during this time. Extend to your clients’ service gift certificates with product purchases. These are just some practical examples, and there are so many other strategies that can be implemented to support your business as long as you stay positive and proactive.


Practice What You Preach

            Turn the tables, be your own superhero, and I do mean use your own esthetician super powers on yourself. Treat yourself to a home facial at least once a week. Really take time to self-love, self-massage and self-care, and share it with your clients through social media. Do on to you as you would do on to others, leave yourself uplifted or at least better than you were before. Undoubtedly, you will find there is more to you for both yourself and others, than meets the eye.


Final Thought

 Once the dust settles, and this too shall pass, please remember that you are not defined by your business, you are the result of your attitude, skills, knowledge, experience, and the rules you set forth for yourself, and from it will blossom the seeds of success in your business and in your life.




Written by Victoria Tabak, CEO for Dermascope Magazine May 2020 issue. She is a two-time international award-winning licensed esthetician, a published skin and wellness expert, and a nationally recognized skincare educator. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry along with a Master’s Degree in Business, minor in chemistry. She has worked with other estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetologists to formulate and revolutionize an approach to beauty that people love, alongside her father, a distinguished scientist.

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