Phyto Stem Cells for Youthful Skin

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Phyto Stem Cells for Youthful Skin

The plant world bears a universe of gifts from Mother Nature. Synonymous with the word plant is phyto, essentially meaning the same thing. One such gift that has taken the skin care industry by storm are phyto stem cells.

Phyto stem cells are plant derived stem cells. They are truly miraculous in their ability to mimic human stem cells, though on a significantly milder scale, none the less, a natural solution to maintaining healthy youthful skin.

Every single cell in our body is made up of DNA. Over time, damages develop in the make-up of the DNA caused by many factors including but not limited to chronological aging, environment, stress, diet, etc.

The way that phyto stem cells work is much like human stem cells. They scavenge out where the damages in the DNA spiral are, they attach themselves to that damaged part of the cells, then they replicate the healthy part of the cells.

Phyto Stem Cells are a modern-day advanced solution for regenerating skin cells below the epidermis. They are helpful in boosting cell renewal, improving cell quality, enhancing cellular immunity, protecting against UV & other environmental catalysts and overall promoting younger radiant looking skin.


  • Swiss Breed of Green Apples (Uttwiler Spätlauber) Stem Cells – Most effective for increasing skin density or thickness especially beneficial for thinner skin, and elevating skin elasticity.

  • Alpine Rose (Rhododendron Ferrugineum) Stem Cells – Most effective for protecting skin against environment stress notorious for causing premature skin aging.


Nature Pure Stem Cells Trio

  1. Stem Cell Eye Complex (Recommended AM & PM)
  2. Stem Cell Face Complex (Recommended Daytime)
  3. Stem Cells Youthful Tissue Rejuvenator (Recommended Nightime)


To learn more, click here to watch phyto stem cells explained on an episode of Formula Whiz.

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