Wellness Through Perspective: Remembering 911

911, September 11, Twin Towers -

Wellness Through Perspective: Remembering 911

Dear Friends,

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?

What were you doing, what were you thinking, what were you feeling?

20 years have gone by and yet, I remember it like it was yesterday, it's certainly a day that we never forget.

That tight painful knot in my stomach, I have to hold back tears just thinking back to that day in history. How powerful our thoughts and emotions are, naturally they can cloud our sense of clarity.

Just as with any tragedy or difficult event in history or in our own lives, naturally we can get lost in the noise and commotion.

We can lose sight of our own connection to self, the certainty that we can, we must rise above it all no matter what.

It is so important, for us as human beings, to tap into our deepest levels of empathy but also purpose, and search for the positives or take-aways, even in the most difficult of situations.

I believe if we search hard enough, a silver-lining can be found in anything.

Do you trust or believe that the more difficult something is, the greater will be the reward or breakthrough?

Life is so short and so fragile, why waste it on unimportant or meaningless things.

I wrote this letter in hopes that after reading it, if there is something that is eating away at you today, put it in perspective, if there is something that can bring you even a brief moment of joy, even the simple things, don't cheat yourself, do it.

Please take better care of yourself, do more for yourself first so you can show up as a better version of you for all those you love and care about. Nurture your health, skin and body and fuel your mind and soul with things that uplift you and make you happy.


With Love,


Victoria Tabak, CEO Nature Pure Labs


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