Signs of Sun Damage- What You Can Do To Prevent It

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Signs of Sun Damage- What You Can Do To Prevent It

With summer on the wraps, let's talk SUN DAMAGE.

The sun's impact on your skin reveals it's aging effect over time. Yes, our skin does need the sun to initiate Vitamin D synthesis, but it's essential to do it safely to avoid the harmful side effects of UV exposure.

Primary Signs of Sun Damage:

1. PigmentationWhen the skin is bare to the sun, it begins to stimulate melanin production enabling the melanin to move closer and in greater amounts to the surface of the skin as a defense mechanism. As a result, pigmentation develops on the skin as one of the visible consequences.

2. Wrinkles: As the skin comes in contact with UV rays, they harm the skin on several levels. There are rays that are absorbed which are the UVA rays, and they are responsible for damaging the dermis layer of the skin, mainly accounting for skin aging that shows itself over some time. 

3. Sun Spots: Also known as age spots, commonly known as liver spots or lentigines, they might resemble huge freckles. With time, these discolored spots, become darker and appear more frequently.

How You Can Prevent Sun Damage:

1. Try to stay out of the sun.

2. Carry skin protective gear (ex: hat, sunglasses, umbrella, thin scarf).

3. Wear SPF and reapply daily during daylight.

Wellness Tip: Do not be deceived by the clouds, UV rays are still just as active!

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