SPF FAQ Resource - Sun Protection Must-Knows

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SPF FAQ Resource - Sun Protection Must-Knows

The days are getting longer and warmer. The lusted smell of summer is beginning to creep into the atmosphere.

Enjoy the extra dose of Vitamin D as you soak in the rays of sunshine, but it is crucial that you remember to keep it in moderation, and when indulging in the sun’s full glory, do it safely. WEAR YOUR SPF!

A Quick FAQ Resource –

  1. What does SPF mean?
    Sun Protection Factor
  1. What does SPF do?
    It protects your skin from skin damaging Ultraviolet rays that cause premature skin aging, and at worst can cause skin cancer.
  1. Does the number on the SPF mean how strong the SPF is?
    It means how long the sun protection lasts for, the strength is determined by the SPF ingredients, full spectrum ingredients in combination like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for example make the SPF stronger.
  1. How often should SPF be reapplied?
    If in direct sunlight, an SPF 30 should be reapplied every 30-45 minutes, SPF 50 should be reapplied every 60-75 minutes.
  1. Is there such thing as SPF 100?
    Yes, wear UV protecting clothes. In skincare there are no tests to prove this, studies flat line after an SPF 70.
  1. Do I need to wear a moisturizer under my SPF?
    All Nature Pure SPF products are infused with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients, so you don’t need to, unless your moisturizer has a different set of skin correcting ingredients intended to work daily.
  1. Do I need to wear SPF if I’m in doors all day?
    Yes, UV still makes its way through the windows.



  1. Skin Glow Tinted Mineral Moisturescreen SPF-50
  2. Soy Doctor® Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 30
  3. Lift Perfection Plus SPF 20 Moisturizing Serum
  4. Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 15

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