Super Powers of Soy...What?!

Super Powers of Soy...What?!

If you haven’t yet heard, please scoot in a little closer, SOY HAS SUPER POWERS!


Over the last decade the conversation around soy has been all wrong, it’s not about whether or not soy is good for us rather it’s really a matter of whether the soy is pure & natural or genetically modified. The latter is the one which is the problem and unfortunately has overshadowed soy as a whole, but please allow us to set the record straight.


Soybeans are one of nature’s best-kept secrets to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Many Asian populations live on a soy-based diet, consuming up to 300 milligrams of soy a day.


They also have significantly lower incidents of skin conditions, cardiovascular disease, prostate, uterus and breast cancer, osteoporosis and even hot flashes than any other population in the world.


The patented technology of Soy Beauty® for age reversing & Soy Doctor® for acne utilizes the incredible powerhouse ingredient Genestein, derived from soy isolflavones to naturally & holistically shift inner balance & cause the skin to naturally repair itself.


Studies have reaveled that soy is actually an anti-carcinogen because it suppresses abnormal cell regeneration.


When we eat soy, we are able to get all of its benefits from the inside because our stomach is able to hydrolyze.


With skin care just having soy in a skin care product will not be effective, it is too large of a molecule and cannot penetrate the epidermal outer layer of skin on its own.


It must be hydrolyzed in order for it to make any changes to the skin, and this is the true magic of the Nature Pure patented technology.


Key Benefits of Soy & Genestein

👉Nutritional Powerhouse

👉Wrinkle Repair

👉Fights Acne

👉Calms & Soothes Inflammation

👉Improves Cellulite


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