Volcanic Ash Skin Miracle! Learn How Bentonite Clay Can Help Your Skin

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Volcanic Ash Skin Miracle! Learn How Bentonite Clay Can Help Your Skin

Volcanic ash on your skin sounds pretty exotic, but what purpose does it actually serve?

BENTONITE CLAY,  essentially is a naturally occurring silicate derived from aged volcanic ash.

Traditionally, Bentonite was used for its healing powers. 

This may have something to do with its pretty awesome ability to inhibit bacterial growth by encapsulating the bacteria, cutting off its ability to further spread or even sustain. Hence, speeding up the healing process.

Bentonite is most valuable for its detoxifying, skin balancing and soothing benefits. 

All the different environmental toxins that we are exposed to daily, like pollution and germs, make us vulnerable to positively charged cell damaging free radicals.

Bentonite has incredible detoxifying action because it is naturally, a negatively charged substance, and when encountering toxins, it neutralizes them.

Bentonite is also especially effective for absorbing excess oils sitting on the surface of the skin.

This eliminates one potential cause of acne or breakouts.

When too much oil pools on the surface of the skin, this creates a breeding ground for bacteria. P. Acnes bacteria, to be exact.

P. Acnes is an opportunistic bacteria which is always sitting on the surface of the skin. It just waits for its chance to pass through the hair follicles down to the pores, and BOOM, there you have it, a new inflamed angry breakout. Bentonite helps prevent that!

Bentonite is a super soothing ingredients that helps calm irritated skin. It is beneficial for even the most sensitive skin. One study published in the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery proved bentonite to be an effective solution for improving eczema, even in individuals who previously had no success in treating the dermatitis issue.

Bentonite Clay not only provide a slew of its on benefits, but it even helps the absorption of other actives in your skin care by providing an insulating outer barrier. So next time you are masking, apply your favorite serum underneath.

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