What exactly is CIT? Micro-Needling Debriefed

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What exactly is CIT? Micro-Needling Debriefed

CIT is an acronym for collagen induction therapy, which is exactly the functionality of the NATPURE® CIT Roller & in this matter, any other micro-needling treatment or technology. 


  1. Removes old collagen fibers & rapidly stimulates new collagen growth. 
  2. Clears blocked pores & stimulates blood flow. 
  3. Dramatically increases the effectiveness of skin care products through increased penetration. 
  4. Does not induce sun sensitivity. 
  5. No risk of hypo– or hyper– pigmentation. 
  6. Safe, reliable & effective. 

CIT stimulates natural production of collagen & maximizes the skin’s ability to repair & regenerate.

Micro-needling reduces the appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin texture & pigmentation.

Micro-needling is also known as micro-channeling because essentially in a matter of minutes you create hundreds & thousands of micro-channels directly into the epidermis, maximizing instant epidermal delivery of any ingredients applied to the skin immediately before & after a micro-needling session. 

CIT restores aged skin by boosting the natural induction of collagen, enabling a similar regenerating cellular reaction to that of laser surgeries or peeling. 

In the simplest of terms, you are creating self-inflicted wounds by way of micro-needling. This activates a self-healing & repairing response from the body which results in an increase in collagen production to correct & remedy the damage caused, all under controlled conditions. 

CIT roller is an effective & great option to rejuvenate the skin with minimal risk of side effects. For home use, it is not recommended to use anything greater than 0.25mm size unless you are a licensed professional.

Micro-needling not only works to smooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, mild scarring & large pores, it even increases skin thickness, which is especially beneficial for maturing skin because it naturally thins over time. 


  1. Rolling stimulates blood flow alternatively to massage.
  2. It feels like a pricking sensation.
  3. Micro-needles are medical grade stainless surgical steel making them non-allergenic to human tissue.
  4. They are affordable & can last up to 100 sessions. 
  5. They can be used on all skin types & across the fitzpatrick scale.
  6. The technology is based on thousands of years of acupuncture. 
  7. Optimal roller use is 2-4 times a week.
  8. It’s an ideal home care companion to any professional in-spa micro-needling treatments you are doing.

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