What is a Holistic Esthetician?

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What is a Holistic Esthetician?

A NATPURE® holistic esthetician is a licensed skincare professional who focuses on treating the skin not only on the surface level but also by considering the whole person and their lifestyle.

A NATPURE® holistic esthetician views the skin as an organ that reflects the health of the body, mind, and spirit. We believe that the skin is interconnected with other parts of the body and that external factors such as diet, stress, and environmental exposure can affect the skin's appearance and health.

A NATPURE® holistic esthetician incorporates the best of both worlds, science and nature, using natural, organic and modern-day advanced technology ingredients in skincare products and techniques that support the skin's natural functions, promote overall wellness, and encourage younger-looking beautiful skin.

Signature facial treatment services include advanced holistic clinical products combined with services such as facial massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, and dietary recommendations.

A NATPURE® holistic esthetician may also take a client's emotional and mental health into consideration when developing a skincare regimen, offering relaxation techniques or mindfulness exercises to reduce stress and promote self-care.

Overall, a NATPURE® holistic esthetician aims to provide a comprehensive approach to skincare that addresses the whole person and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion from the inside out.

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