Who Loves Tomatoes...For the Skin?!?!

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Who Loves Tomatoes...For the Skin?!?!

A juicy tomato 🍅 is more than just a delicious fruit, often recognized as a vegetable.

 The significant concentration of LYCOPENE in tomatoes makes it indispensable in the fight against aging & wrinkles.


 Lycopene is known for its natural red pigment. It is a powerhouse antioxidant responsible for blocking the effects of free radicals & improving overall wellness.  

Antioxidants are best known to help preserve & prevent the risk of many diseases, including cancer. The deeper the color of a fruit or vegetable, the higher is it's antioxidant content. The many varying colors of the harvest simply means a wider variety of antioxidants. 

Lycopene protects the skin from UV damage. 

Lycopene in tomatoes is also known to break down fats when part of a balanced nutritional diet.

 Lycopene improves skin texture and stimulates the skin's ability to better produce collagen in the underlying cell layers.

Collagen over time decreases in the skin, and the loss leads to aging, including wrinkles and skin laxity.

Tomato derived lycopene is a remarkable source of vitamins and minerals. The Pomodoro Lycopene - Diosgenin Collection Trio captures the essence of tomatoes, enabling all of the benefits to absorb topically, directly through the skin. It effectively improves skin and health from the outside it.

Nature Pure Tomato Collection Includes

🍅Pomodoro Dual-Action Masque (October Special Gift)

🍅Diopin Wrinkle Diffusing Serum

🍅Age Antidote Complex

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