Legend of Hippophae

Many centuries ago an orphaned young Siberian girl, struggling to survive, went to the woods to pick berries and mushrooms. While she was under the scorching sun, she was suddenly attacked by a horde of mosquitoes.

She continued to wander through the woods, but her skin was continuously scraped by the shrubbery and lower branches. Ultimately her face became unrecognizable and leathery looking from all the damage done.

Once she saw the reflection of her face in the lake she was repulsed; she panicked and started running away. Exhausted, she fell on a thicket and was ready to die.

Suddenly, she noticed small orange berries hanging on nearby branches. In desperation, she took some of the berries and rubbed them on her face as if to scrub away her repulsion. While she continued crying she felt the wounds disappearing and her leathery skin turning soft and smooth. Thus a miracle was born.

So says the legend. In reality, Siberian women for centuries have been benefiting from the unique Siberian orange berry plant (Hippophae) to preserve their beauty.

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