Emu Oil Collection

Improving your immune system through the skin sounds pretty great, doesn’t it, well that is just one of the many benefits of emu oil.


Emu oil has excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties, studies show that it increases skin thickness by two to three times, it decreases age spots, it calms and soothes with impeccable anti-inflammatory abilities. 
It treats and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It accelerates and aids tissue healing and recovery process, which is really a miracle remedy to clients that have chemical peels done. As a post peel procedure, emu oil reduces itching, redness, peeling and scaling. See Hippophae Hydration Balm for further information for super dry/dehydrated skin and also as a perfect companion for post peel treatment.
Emu oil is also a powerful delivery system. Not only does the oil penetrate fast and deep into not just the outer epidermal layer of skin, but it is able to go way below into the deeper dermal layers. Any skin care product that contains emu oil also becomes that much stronger and more effective. All of the high concentrations of actives that already exist in the formula are able to penetrate with the same kind of power into the deepest of layers of skin alongside emu oil which acts as the trans-dermal vehicle.
Emu oil is an excellent substance that the skin and body can benefit from any time of year. Winter time does tends to be harsher on our skin than any other time of year. With all of the benefits of emu oil, even the most environmentally and seasonally effected skin will transform.
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