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2016 Victoria Tabak, CEO Interview with Industry Leading Magazine, Dermascope Magazine

Nature Pure Clinical Skin Care caters to all your personal skin, body, hair and wellness needs. Learn how to take better care of yourself, keep your age a mystery and achieve true results your skin craves!

Remember it is always easier to preserve a youthful appearance than to reverse signs of aging, but no worries we have customized treatments for all your concerns.

Offering Nature Pure Labs professional spa products among others with a strong emphasis on improving your health and well-being from the outside-in and accentuating the most beautiful you.

Founded in 1996, Nature Pure caters to all personal skin, body, hair, and wellness needs perfectly customized to specific client needs. At Nature Pure all product formulas have a strong purpose to cause a transformation to the skin and to "keep your age a mystery." Treatments successfully work to renew and preserve a youthful appearance, repair skin damage and reverse signs of skin aging. All products incorporate the latest American scientific research with Eastern European, West Siberian, and Asian traditional natural additives used for many centuries for skin beautification. The company puts strong emphasis when developing each treatment to improve health and well-being from the outside-in.

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Nature Pure Labs offers a full line of skin care products. Our scientists regularly develop innovative and evolutionary skin care products, sometimes as many as three to six new products a year. With the top skin care scientists, Nature Pure labs often originates and introduces new skin care concepts before any other company in the industry. Currently, Nature Pure Labs has seven trademarks: Natpure®, Soy Doctor®, Soy Beauty®, Lipomelt®, Ozokelid®, Rejuvahair® and Spa Bouquet®, and patent #20050037099: Hydrolysis and purification of active plant compounds suitable for topical application.

Nature Pure Labs’ products are enriched with the highest of quality and all natural active ingredients. Typically, products of such caliber are charged at significantly higher prices; for the reason that you are buying “company direct,” we can afford to offer you such exceptional prices.

Nature Pure Labs Promise

  • Results! The absolute highest potency of any skin care products containing unheard of concentrations of actives.
  • Innovation! The Latest and Greatest.
  • Supporting and Improving Health and Well-Being through the Skin!
  • Experience! All Natural Botanical Aromas with no artificial colors or fragrances.
  • Abundance! Antioxidants, Advanced BioActives, and Certified Organics.
  • GMO-Free, Paraben Free, Propylene Glycol Free.
  • Selection of Gluten-Free and Vegan Products.
  • Ethical! Products not tested on animals. Certified Animal Cruelty Free. Recyclable packaging.
  • Made in the USA
    Cruelty Free

We share with you our extensive knowledge about skin care. Knowing the facts will help to open a world of possibilities on how to protect your skin and look younger throughout your life. While nearly all parts of your body are covered with clothing, your face on the contrary is left bare and unprotected from the damages caused by the sun, wind, and atmospheric pollutants, yet, your face is primary. It is certain that the first impressions that are made are based on the appearance of your face. The face should not be neglected, rather it should continually be cared for to sustain the skin’s uttermost appearance and vitality.

Prior to examining specific skin types to identify your own, you should know that all skin types require continual maintenance with appropriate skin care products so that you feel and look your best. For optimal results, it is important for the skin to maintain continuous moisture and be protected from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. To overcome daily environmental damages, a nightly application of a rejuvenating cream to enhance skin cell regeneration is crucial. Also, to help slow down the aging process special anti-aging products would be advantageous.

We are always ready and look forward to providing you with impeccable service, approaching each customer with individual and personalized care. Our Virtual Esthetician is at your service to offer you expert advice and recommendations for your skin concerns to find the perfect treatment fit.

We thank you for choosing Nature Pure, we greatly appreciate you!