Detoxifying Benefits of Clay and Mud

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Detoxifying Benefits of Clay and Mud

Mud and clay have some amazing benefits in the beauty and skincare world, and by incorporating the mud or clay into your beauty routine on a regular basis, you are able to reap the rewards that that come with it. 

Along with skin clearing benefits, mud and clay have the ability to tighten the skin as it dries. They offer plenty of nutrients for your skin. Perhaps the most notable benefit of clay and mud are their superb detoxifying action.

Made with ingredients known for helping to draw out toxins and impurities from the skin. Clay and mud have been used for centuries to help skin stay clear and nourished. By incorporating other multi-functional holistic ingredients, mud enriched products successfully purify and moisturize the skin. Skin gets a full rounded experience of deep cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing, and a hydrating beauty treatment each and every time you choose to use a clay or mud mask.

The NATPURE® Detoxifying Mud Masque, is made with care from natural and certified organic ingredients pampering skin with volcanic ash and mud from the Dead Sea offering a perfect boost and balance. This mask is made with a gentle botanical combination appropriate even for sensitive skin.  Ingredients include Bentonite, which is fantastic for its cleansing properties, Hippophae Oil, which is known for its ability to fight fine lines, and moisturizers.  By applying the masque for fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinsing, it is an ultimate detoxifying therapy that leaves skin baby smooth and refreshed. 

By using clay and mud in your regular beauty routine, you will feel and see the benefits such as clear, toxin-free, and moisturized skin that will retain elasticity and fight the aging process!

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