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Though we don't have a Yes or No answer, we'll highlight the specific qualities or components of dairy that can have a variety of effects on the skin.   While you might not have a lactose intolerance when it comes to your stomach, dairy consumption may be contributing to aging, acne, and inflammation on your skin.    The most common dairy product, milk, is singled out to be a problem factor. Researchers have carried out studies to determine whether milk is harmful to the skin. The findings showed that milk does in fact provoke acne and here's why: Acne The...

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If you are wondering what is the best botanical ingredient to help with sensitive or inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, LISTEN UP!   ARNICA MONTANA FLOWER 🌼   The delicate yellow flower, is considered part of the sunflower family & is native to mountainous areas of Europe where the climates are moderate.   Arnica is best know for its use in homeopathy, but it has so  much to offer when used in the treatment room & as part of a home care regimen to help with inflammation and other vascular related skin conditions.   Arnica promotes healthy capillary function, which...

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