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Facial massage is one of the most effective modalities to maintain and enhance a healthy and youthful appearance. To perform this traditional treatment, all that’s needed is a priceless and readily available tool: our hands. There is also a wide range of techniques and tools that can be implemented to achieve the desired results. Facial massage is an important practice in line with the holistic, outside-in approach to ageless skin, not just because it is a treatment that helps with fine lines and wrinkles, eye puffiness, facial swelling and other beauty-enhancing benefits, but because it supports holistic wellness. Wrinkle in Time...

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Massage is one incredible holistic approach to keeping skin looking young!Here are 3 Reasons You Want to Massage Your Skin Daily - Massage increases blood circulation which helps better nourish & oxygenate skin cells. Massage promotes healthy Collagen & Elastin. Massage enhances product penetration. Bonus 🌟 consistent massage helps keep the face sculpted & contoured. Face oil provides a great medium to massage your face. You get loads of glide to prevent pulling or tugging on the skin.   Watch below massage explained in under 15 seconds & a simple follow along 60 second massage you can do daily.   Best Products...

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