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With Halloween in just a few days, everyone enjoys a little chocolate as a treat, but have you ever thought about how good chocolate is for your skin? Your skin and your sweet tooth's demands can both be met by CHOCOLATE. Don't miss out on cacao's benefits for the skin: Cacao has 3 common minerals; magnesium, potassium, and iron. These three elements help to brighten complexion, reduce redness, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.    It's filled with antioxidants that help improve skin texture, vibrancy, and tone. The different vitamins found in cacao, such as vitamins A and E, thiamin (Vitamin B1), and calcium, nourish your skin and...

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With the bar already so high for all of Nature Pure formulas and treatment protocols, it is always an exciting feat to outdo ourselves. Are you wondering what we mean this time? The Heavenly Chocolate Paradise Renewal Facial is a favorite for all chocolate lovers, but it is especially popular around the time of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Every step in this luxurious treatment, strategically works to nourish, moisturize and leave skin with an absolute stunning glow, and what is awesome is that it is age and gender unbiased. Everyone enjoys the immediate post-treatment results. Besides the plethora of...

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Watch this short video to learn about all the amazing skin and wellness benefits of chocolate.   Check out Nature Pure professional chocolate products.

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