P is for Peptides & Plumping Up Your Skin!

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P is for Peptides & Plumping Up Your Skin!

Peptides are most commonly known for boosting collagen production.

Based on studies, peptides promote skin elasticity & firmness, increase microcirculation, strengthen capillaries & boost cell metabolism.

There are various types of peptides. To simplify, peptides are amino acid chains, which are essentially proteins, but over time the aging process causes protein & cell degradation.

According to a study presented in Paris, France at the 20th World Congress of Dermatology in 2002, we can confirm that peptides are pretty awesome! They proved that when it comes to diminishing fine lines & wrinkles, peptide efficacy is comparable to that of retinol, but with faster results.

Most peptides are hypoallergenic with the exception of copper peptides – making peptides a safe and potent ingredient that benefits even the most sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea.

Peptides can be found in varying percentages in products. Every increase in the concentration reveals an enhancement in results, but research has shown that improvements flat-line past a 5% concentration.


Nature Pure Season’s Top 3 Peptide Favorites:

Advanced Repair Complex

Revitalizing Fruit Complex

Pepto-Collagen Firming Masque


As a rule of thumb with any ingredient, it’s important to understand that there is only so much of certain actives that the skin can process, so being able to differentiate between functional ingredients versus label-purpose ingredients, quite common in an industry so saturated with options, is essential in choosing your products of choice.

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