Moisturizing Do's and Don'ts- What You Need to Know About Moisturizing for Your Skin

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Moisturizing Do's and Don'ts- What You Need to Know About Moisturizing for Your Skin

Let's talk skin moisturizing! It's a vital step in any skincare routine, regardless of skin type or concern.
You wouldn't want to apply just any moisturizer though, regardless of whether it's trending and highly raved about by your favorite influencer, or recommended by your best friend unless of course, they're a licensed skin specialist.
Your skin is unique with needs that may vary from person to person. There is also lifestyle and environment to consider as well when choosing the best moisturizer at any given season and time of year.
To attain the best hydration, it's important to choose a moisturizer that meets your skin goals and is most appropriate for your skin type and condition to enjoy the full benefits of having well-moisturized healthy youthful-looking skin.


Do work with your skin type:

If you have dryer skin, you may need a heavier and thicker cream like Age Antidote Complex or even a balm like Hippophae Hydration Balm, however, if you have oily skin, a lightweight lotion like Oily Skin Rectificator may be better.

Do apply a moisturizer on dampened skin:

After cleansing, immediately follow with your routine tonerserumand then cream. Applying a moisturizer right away helps lock-in moisture and hydration.

Do think about changing your moisturizer depending on the season:

Monitor your skin as the weather changes! You may need an adjustment as the temperatures and humidity change in your environment. In the winter skin typically tends to be more dry.


Don't forget your neck:

Your neck deserves just as much TLC as your face. Don't let it be the area that ages you. Make sure you are applying your products on the neck and all the way down to the decollete. The Eye & Neck Intense Lift was formulated to target those particularly thinner areas to allow for more targeted anti-aging treatment.

Don't forget to apply SPF:

We can't advocate this enough, but make sure you wear SPF even on cloudy days, and even if you are indoors during the day (there are still windows that pass UV rays). If you are in the sun for prolonged periods, remember to reapply. It's the first line of defense against premature wrinkles and protects you from skin cancer.

Check out the Nature Pure sun protection choices, they are all rich with anti-aging moisturizing ingredients.

Don't wash your face with hot water:

Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and dehydrated. It's best to wash with cold or tepid water.

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