Self-Massaging: Benefits and How to

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Self-Massaging: Benefits and How to

Massage beholds many benefits for the skin. The top 2 wellness benefits are it increases blood circulation, which is essential for carrying oxygen & nutrients throughout the skin and body.

Second, it promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps support immunity, and alleviates swelling such as in the jaw area that can cause a double chin appearance.

Other benefits of facial massage include promoting skin elasticity and firmness, which are vital to maintaining youthful and supple-looking skin.

Devoting no more than 60 seconds twice a day to developing a self-massage skin ritual as part of a home skincare routine will promote long-term healthy radiant skin.

As little as 2 minutes a day spent massaging your skin will enhance your skin's overall quality and vitality.


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4 Reasons to Massage Your Skin Daily Highlights:
💆 Increases blood circulation which helps better nourish & oxygenates skin cells.
💆 Promotes healthy collagen & elastin.
💆 Enhances product penetration.
💆 Encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling 
Top 3 Self Massage Products:

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