Solution to Boost Your Immunity, De-Stress and Look Your Very Best!

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Solution to Boost Your Immunity, De-Stress and Look Your Very Best!

Our skin, the largest organ, is a mirror🪞into our internal environment; it lets us know what is going on from within.

When we experience stress it can throw us out of balance. Stress 😰 can trigger a slew of skin conditions such as acne or premature aging. 

The stress that we experience daily causes an increase 📈 in our cortisol levels in the body which activates an immune response. Ongoing stress left unchecked, puts us at risk ⚠️ of a compromised immune system. 

Stress-Remedy Home Facial in a Box is just what you need to help you offset the stress, relax your mind & spirit, & leave your skin nourished, moisturized & absolutely radiant 🌟

You’ll look & feel so good! 🥰 

Follow along step by step on @naturepurelabs YouTube channel to help activate your feel-good endorphin hormones & naturally promote & boost the body's immunity.

Let us help YOU stay healthy, balanced & beautiful ♥️ 

Stress-Remedy Home Facial in a Box Home Facial Protocol -

Step 1. Mix a dime-size amount of the Brightening Facial Fruit Wash with water in your fingertips and massage in upward circles on the face and in upward strokes on the neck. Rinse skin and repeat this step.

Step 2. Apply a nickel-size amount of the Microdermabrasion Holistic Cream on the skin and massage in upward circles for 2-5 minutes. Brush the granules off gently with your finger tips.

Step 3. Rapidly spread a dime-size amount of the Instant Energizer Oxygen Masque throughout the skin and allow it to work for 5 minutes. The experience of the toxins being pulled out and the bubbles infusing oxygen into the skin feels like butterfly kisses. Rinse the skin with warm water or remove it with a warm wet towel. 

Step 4. Spray the Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist throughout the skin 8-10 inches away.

Step 5. Apply a pea-size amount of the Bright Eye Gel Cream to the surrounding eye area, finishing up with a light tapping motion with the ring fingers.

Step 6. Complete treatment with a dime-size amount of the Advanced Repair Complex, spreading it evenly to the face, neck and décolleté for 2-3 minutes, gently massaging it in until it absorbs and leaves the skin with a radiant healthy glow.

Facial can be enhanced at home with the MYSKINBUDDY 6 function skin device and/or the CIT Micro-Needling Roller.


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